Re Christmas trees

I grew with real trees, usually from a lot. However, since my wife and I started our own family tradition, 24 yrs ago, we have always done store bought fake. Cheaper in the long run, Cleaner, and I am guessing less likely to catch fire. Last two trees have come with lights included which saves us from haveto keep and use light strings. No bulb issues either

I did not vote because as a family we have had all options and this year will be the first ever with no tree. It’s only my wife and I so we decided no tree. I once had a fake tree so real- like that people did not believe it was fake. Used to go cut our own every year till the farm closed down. Yeah we did it every way. Now I would go fake for sure.

Confusing that so few voted. hmmm

Guess it is a scary topic. :slight_smile:

Same here!

But since The WOMAN and I started our own Xmas tradition in 2006, we’ve had the same fibre optic tree up now for it’s fourteenth year.

Here are a few pictures from previous years:

And here’s Deuce(R.I.P.) beside it:


So our old Xmas tree is barely surviving the nightly depredations of Lucky the cat:

Initially he was limiting himself to taking down a decoration or three from the lower branches. In the past four mornings though The WOMAN has discovered him within the branches of the tree nestled up against the trunk from where he then defends his position! Meanwhile hundreds more of the fake needles are ending up on the floor each night. We may have to take down the tree next week which will be earlier than we usually do.