Re: CFL in Saskatoon?

First of all this would take away from a successful franchise in the province. At this time they still need the draw from the whole province this really would be the end of football in this province.
I think the Kelowna would be a great place for a team.

If Saskatoon had a team both Saskatchewan franchises would fold. It takes a whole province to keep the Riders alive. As for Kelowna maybe in ten years there isn’t enough support or interest to land a team here. The Apple Bowl is over 50 years old and there isn’t a viable place to play. At least in Halifax there is interest! I say give Halifax a team and leave the league as ten.

ya... stupid Kelowna is too small to support a team... plus we dont have anywhere to put it... between Rutland(our makeshift ghetto) and the Mission and downtown we dont really have a good place to put a stadium that could support 50,000 people, plus thats almost half our population

... wait... you from Kelowna calgaryred

o never mind... i just noticed your location... and i also forgot the topic

I completely agree with calgary red that a team in Saskatoon would destroy your riders, and its about time that the Maratimes get a team, although Q-city shouldn't have to wait long to get one either... I think the way that Canada is now we only need like 2 of 3 more teams(Q-city, Halifax, and whatever city in BC could support a team besides Vancouver and Victoria)

no. emphatically no. I am from saskatoon, and don't want it. give the damn issue a rest kanga

Yah I really dont see a need for another saskatchewan team...I grew up a fan of the roughriders and being from saskatoon... a new team...would just make things complicated!

thats cuz ur a typical saskatchewanian...".dont want to change anything, might confuse the cows....lets just do things the way people did 100 yrs. ago."

Hey Eskimos32001...k your obviously not from saskatoon if you think our number one priority is the cows....In all actuality I wouldn't mind a team in saskatoon I'm just saying id prefer it if the roughriders packed it up in regina and hauled it to saskatoon...and why do you care your clearly an eskamos fan?

he is a misplaced esks fan who lives here in saskatoon. Unfortuantely someone has told him that Saskatchewan is super backwards and that just because we have an NDP gov't that we are stupid. DO not believe everything your parents tell you. Just because we like things the way they are is not a bad thing. Since when did change for the sake of change become a good thing. The sask party found out that was a dumb ass slogan, and maybe you should too. Change is not a good thing unless you are changing to something better.

Like Rad, I would accept the Riders moving up here. actually I would welcome it selfishly, but I don't think we would do as well for fans up here, less people from Regina woulddrive up here, than Saskatoon people drive downb to the games.

A team in Saskatoon would be like a bad round of polygamy. You would want to love both teams and support both since they are both from Saskatchewan. It seems like a good idea when you first look at it, but somehow it would be just wrong to love two teams, no matter how virtuous they may be. Then what happens when they start to build a rivalry. Then you would be caught in the middle wondering which bed to go to. Only pain and heartache as far as I can see. That being said, NO to a team in Saskatoon. For Kanga's sake, maybe we should have an expansion team in Alaska

Cows and government have nothing to do with it. If Saskatchewan had a lager population base I am sure they would support a team in Saskatoon. The problem now is that the Riders need the present fan base to be competitive and to keep this community team going. Splitting the fan base at this time would be a disaster. No confusion there the Sask fans are committed to their team. Eskimo32001, you can try respect the people in the province you are now living. If you do not like it there move back to Edmonton. Yes, it is good you support your team this is great but to make fun of the people and the area you now live in is poor taste. I know I have done the same but at least I realize it is poor taste. But I also live in the great city to the west. IMO

Rad Rider...actually i am from saskatoon, and im sick of people from saskatoon not coming into the 21st century, except for all the posers trying to be rappers.

u are in high school. honestly what do you know. Saskatoon is world leaders in many things. agricultural, biotech, we just got a huge investment from the feds to run Canadas Vaccine center, which would not only make vaccines for us and the world, but also in creating new vaccines. We have the syncotron which is the only one in Canada. The sports teams are top notch, Huskie football vanier cup finalists, hockey second in canada, Track 1st in both mens and women. Hilltops have consistently been the top or one of the top team in CJFL for the last 5-15 years. The blades finished second in the WHL, they got killed in playoffs but rememebr last year they were in dead last. Theresa sykorka was second in canadian idol (if you care, i personaly think she is the most annoying thing here but some people like her). Our Folkfest and Jazz festival are incredible.

that was all off the top of my head, There are many other reasons why your statement is complete crap, but I will stop, because if I continue I will get madder.

I will glad when you get old enough so you can move to Alberta and leave this beautiful city to those who appreciate it. 21st century. please

ya we have all that, and as amazing as that is, we could be so much better. we could be richer than alberta. the potential is so incredible it would make you cry. all we have to do is make an effort.

sports teams have nothing to do with advancements, thats the people.

i do also hate sokyrka, just dont like her music and my sisters play it all day long.

and the folkfest ive never been too, but i participated in a folkfest, and it made me wanna shoot myself.

well just sitting there and saying, lets enter the 21st century, is worse then doing nothing. sitting and complaining helps no one. Folkfest is a lot of fun, although I can imagine performing at it could be a drag. And you are wring abou the sports teams, it is not just the people, it is the infastructure, especially at the university that makes it happen. We pull from one of the smallest poplualtions great teams all the time.
I agree we could be richer then alberta, but that will take time and cannot be done overnight. And it should not be done at the expense of our way of life. I do not want the people of saskatchewan to become exactly like the people from Alberta (not saying Albertans are horrible people, infact most are great, but there is a difference, And I like us as we are. Things are on their way, we are now a have province, and Saskatoon and Saskatchewan are quite firmly in this century.

ok if saskatoon is one thing it's passive and laid back we like it that way and the fact that it is home to a few spastic loose wired kids with serious issues about their displacement is inevitable. If it really means so much to you then sure alberta is better in every single way but really who cares Lets throw out a truce...You hate saskatoon...high fives to you...I think your what...end case what really matters is that we're all CFL fans...and that's really something.... i really don’t get why your so mad. I think your the one that really needs to work on accepting change. Its totally understandable for someone to feel like they’re in a crap city when they have a strong emotional tie to another...I was in your place too when I moved to ontario...and I know how much it sucks . But it’s just your attitude that’s getting in the way. Like try going to some local shows some of our local bands are pretty damn good. Try the fringe this year instead of folkfest...dude I could hardly stand folkfeast myself....that’s something families and old people go to....saskatchewan is relatively clean there’s huge open spaces...I mean take a look at can actually smell the difference in air quality. Oh man And trust me...I know that every single saskatchwan-er ( i really don’t care how you say it) has thought at least once or twice about how saskatchewan is such a hole and that they couldn’t wait to get out and live in like new york or australia or whatever, but take it from me once you actually move your able to see how much saskatchewan has...there’s no real way of convincing you or twisting your arm into liking saskatoon but it’s really what you make of it.

im sorry im soory.....dont kill me.

i think saskatoon isnt ready for a team yet though, other cities would handle the load better.

Saskatoon is getting a new stadium too.

Saskatoon is getting a new stadium too.

and if alaska was part of canada, the US would blame Canada for the exxon valdez inicdent for being in the way.

Saskatoon is getting a new stadium too.

and if alaska was part of canada, the US would blame Canada for the exxon valdez inicdent for being in the way.