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QB must learn it's a 'team' game

So, the Casey Printers era has ended before it ever really began.

February 20, 2009 Steve Milton

The Hamilton Spectator

this quote intrigues me

It's surprising that it took this long to dispatch Printers.

The coaches and front office actually liked the guy?

He's not an unlikeable person, and can be quite engaging --and knew that
there's still some great football buried somewhere in that misled psyche of his

As a high school basketball coach I have been around a kid who was a superior athlete
but he didn't hit it off well with some of his team-mates for the subtlest of reasons,

maybe it was the way he carried himself or a couple of remarks he made

I suspect that underneath their dislikes there may have been a bit of envy

which his coaches and his teachers didn't feel, for obvious reasons,
maturity being one of them, and they did like him very much.

Steve saw a similar thing with Casey or was told about it by players.

I didn't see any signs of Casey having a bad relationships with players at practice

actually, after his thumb injury when he could see his stock plummeting
he seemed to mentally disengage from trying to be the team leader

lost his concentration, and instead goofed around
on the sidelines at practice with the other subs.

But he lacks maturity for a quarterback and lost the team at least three times in his two years here.

One was in his initial start when he blamed everyone but himself for the loss.

He had regained the respect of most of his teammates by 2008,
but in a game late in the season told head coach Marcel Bellefeuille

in front of many players on the sidelines, that he could not get warm
and couldn't go in to replace injured starter Quinton Porter and

... according to several players, Printers pulled himself from a game
with what many Cats felt was an insignificant injury.

He also kept insisting he was only one of 12 players on offence.

As Steve says, Casey may have a maturity problem.

If he ever comes to realize what Steve laid out in the article
he may once again be a darn good football player in this league.

I wish him well.

Is this the quietest release of the highest paid player in the league in history??

Milton referred to Casey needing to raise his leadership quotient.
That will be tough to do from the sidelines.
Casey would be wise to sign as a back-up in Montreal.
Learn what it is like to be a real pro from AC.
Take over when AC hangs-em up.

That might also free up a nice 3rd string QB option for us.
They already have Brad Banks, Marcus Brady, Chris Leak in reserve.

Toronto would give him the best chance to start but would throw him right in the middle of a QB controversy.
Winnipeg might also be a nice landing spot.
Winnipeg would then have to release Glen before his bonus is due.

I read that last paragraph of Milton's article about 5 times and have concluded he meant to say "Porter and Tafralis..." not "Printers and Tafralis..." Who proof-reads this stuff?

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Ken Peters?? :smiley: :wink:

This article has several mistakes. Perfect punctuation and grammar isn't to be expected in chatroom forums, but The Spec is supposed to be a respectable newspaper with professionals writing and editing. Newspapers may be dying but they should at least go out with some dignity.

Not many shed any tears in BC to see him leave or blow it in the NFL. Now it seems none in Hamilton are sheding any tears to see him leave there.