Re: Canada's biggest little town = Hamilton

Never was I more proud of being a Hamiltonian than yesterday. The outpouring of grief, tempered with an equal measure of spit and polish (from our troops), was something noticed by all of Canada. Each and every citizen should be thanked for doing such a great job.



I agree. I stopped by the Amoury last night on my way back to Peterborough from the Brantford area and was moved by the hundreds of remembrance notes, flags and photos....and the hundreds of flower bouquets. I signed the big flag.
I've been gone from Hamilton since December 1961. I was in the militia at the Armoury.
I had a chat with an Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders sergeant. He told me the militia members were overwhelmed at the out pouring of support that Cpl Cirillo's family has received from all across Canada.
The people of Hamilton have done the city proud in the way they responded to the tragic death of Cpl Nathan Cirillo. :thup:

Amen to all of that. Hamilton, you showed great respect and class! Hats off to you!

To insure that ISIL doesn't get a grip on Canada (or anyone else) our government needs to rethink strategies for keeping organizations like this subdued and putting them out of business. This way, Cpl. Cirillo and people like him would not be giving up their lives for nothing.
Cpl. Cirillo was a great soldier and all of Canada and for that matter; the world, understand that. He was also a great human being and deserves our belated love and admiration. He and dedicated soldiers like him who have fought or are fighting against oppression anywhere in the world, deserve a high place in our memories both now and in the future.

Hamilton: You did it right!!