RE: Calgary

who had it first?

They are similar looking in fact 2 years ago Ford went to court to fight for the stamps logo to be changed. What happened was a college down in the states ended up also having a similar logo, what was interesting is they had it before Ford. So the school ended the dispute by telling Ford corporation if they sued the Stamps they would sue Ford and the suit was dropped.

great story

Southern Methodist is the name of the college - they're based in Dallas, and are named the Mustangs. If that story is true, then they're my new favourite American college! (Granted, I didn't really have an old one ... ) Go to and click on Conference USA (they are in the Western Division ... conveniently!)

I have no idea which of the 3 logos (SM, Mustang or Calgary's) came first. There are so many similar logos out there anyway ... what about all the plain helmets? Do you suppose the Cleveland Browns can sue over design? :wink:

Personally, I don't like that secondary logo (the one with the horseshoe and the horse in it) on the helmet - it's too busy. But I don't think Indy would have a case to sue Calgary over it. The logos are too different ... Calgary's logo USED to be a horseshoe, though, and it looked pretty good.

I can't imagine any other logo for the Stamps ... the current one is so good that I hope it sticks! I can't think of any way to improve it. Go Stamps!

The story is true Stamps was pushing that if the logo similarity offended Ford they should have done something years ago and pushed the Ford Corporation suit wasn't vaild. The American college was the first to use the horse logo and ended the suit.

THANKS people, that was an excellent STORY......thank you to thesmall U.S. college who told "the man" , where to go.

a similar thing happened to the regina rams a few years ago. i dont recall how far it went, but the then los angeles rams came down on the regina rams (junior football) for using the horned helmet graphics. i dont know how it was resolved, but the (now university of regina) rams still have the horns on their helmets.