Re: Calgary Post Game

talk about bad luck or no luck at all. who could freeking devise a more diabolical start to a more desperate game set up with 2 weeks of anticipation a fantastic 2 and out by the defense - a missed field goal and badda boom! I mean come on - something is happening here that is awesome. we have to be taught that you have to try harder even though we thought we were trying harder. I mean 4 times we have a hungry guy 1 on 1 with that weasel Burris in the backfield and he buggers off on game changing scampers that left us dazed and bleeding. once we had our arms around him for a fat juicy sack but no he got away. Calgary takes our receiver out of bounds and totally rough plays him up out of bounds - no call; Brent Johnson trys to lower Burris to the ground after a rush and Burris bounces his own head off the turf - bingo roughing the passer called. Both when the game was on the line. good night Irene.
well thats intense entertainment and a little hard to swallow for us but does prove we are alive and nothing wrong with our emotions. thank the man in the sky that we play again in a short week because we have to blow off a little frustration on someone one way or another - it doesn't matter.

Don't blame the officiating, it was not the deciding factor at all. They called the stamps for a very questionable late hit on Printers, and I'm not sure that the ball broke the plane on that third and goal.
The lions were brutal for most of the game. More two-and-outs than I could count. 44 yards rushing!? I think the QB ran more than that trying to get away from all the pressure the stamps put on him. Countless terrible stupid mistakes and penalties.
Printers completed one pass for all but the last few minutes if the whole second half, when the stamps had basically been bored to sleep.
Them Lions did nothing to earn that win.

oh I agree but from our point of view it seemed to me that a lot of wierd bad luck turns happen to increase our torture and not much good - hence the 44 yards rushing. the offense is officially hopeless but the team is trying their a** off and even a little break might help them.

fahq; On that 3rd and 1 gamble at the goal line, the ball did break the plain before the ball came loose. In otherwords as soon as the nose of the ball breaks the plain with the ballcarrier having possesion, all else doesn’t matter if the ball comes loose.

the old ump on the goal line sure thought it was a td. He wasn't going to be denied. but in retrospect it could have been another valuable lesson for us if we hadn't made it. we needed it sooo bad and we are starting to agonize over every play and Jamel Robertson had just tripped himself on the previous play and nosedived on the 1 foot line. COOL ! this isn't just a losing streak its . . . extraordinary. Aww its good to see Calgary do good for a change.