Re-Assessing Mike O'Shea - 5 years in

The thing that bothered me was how often the screen pass worked against them. Drove me crazy. And that gift of a pass right to a bomber for an easy interception but dropped it. We should have won by more but a win is a win. Every game from here on is going to be really hard to win. I'm really worried about our chances. :frowning:

I don't wantManziel. His arm strengthis questionable and he made somevery bad decisions that he was lucky he got away with. Still not convinced of his attitude. I don't trust him.

AND if it wasn't for Bowman dropping passes.... I kept wondering why he was left out in the open. the passes to him were labelled. It took till nearly to the end to cover him proper.

It was nice to hear Suitor talk about how the pass coverage from Mont allowed Bowman and the boys to sack Nichols. I believe that is OUR single biggest problem.-pass coverage !!!

I'm happy with the win but we should be more dominant.

Enjoy this win while you can and put on your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Bombers need to pray like the dickens that Mike Reilly is derailed or off his game next week in Edmonton.

If Reilly and his flock of WRs are on their game, combined with Gable running thru alleys the Als couldn't open for their boy - then I strongly suspect the bombers will be up against it.

Saving grace - if Nichols is out of his funk (and last nite's game wasn't just a mirage) he'll have an Edmonton defense that may not be that much better than Montreal's. He passed for 256 yds vs. the Als - should be good for 185 to 230 vs. Edmonton if the form chart holds.

Just looked at the stats and Mont had 9 penalties for 75 and we had 1, ONE PENALTY !!!!!!!! Almost a perfect game. The one penalty negated the Manziel fumble TD for us.

The other stats for both teams are so close it's not worth mentioning. The glaring difference is the penalty stat !!

One bad pass by Johnny, otherwise this could have been a nail biter. Not good. We should have creamed them.

Remember the good ole days when we used to get all kinds of interceptions. What happened to those days ?

…….That's what we have to have Dan ...perfect games...we're playing teams heavy into the hunt going down the stretch...

…..This game was close for awhile and if it were any other club (except maybe T.O.) we'd have been in deep doo doo...Too many 2 and outs, when we have the chance to put the other team away and that really bothers me...The Montreal team wasn't very scary.. the Edm. one looks terrifying...Can we get it done???Perfection needed for sure

Okay, okay. I concede. You fellows are correct. Mike O'Shea should be fired immediately.

My spouse had Matt Nichols, Darvin Adams, Weston Dressler and Andrew Harris in CFL Fantasy this past weekend, and I had Andrew Harris. Well O'Shea spitefully benched them all early in the second half and left me annoyed and my spouse both apoplectic and very depressed. He must really hate us.

Such a mean individual that O'Shea. Fire him immediately!


Strangely, Mike O'Shea has reached the .500 mark in career coaching status by virtue of schmeering the green riders last weekend.

He's 44-44 with 2 games left in his 5th season w/ the club.

Too bad the bumsnap nature of bomber management, scouting & reputation diminished his first couple seasons. Frankly, it was pretty obvious to anyone who's followed the CFL as long as I have - that he wasn't prepared to be a head coach when the bombers brought him over.

But he was a solid, reputational signing that created a modicum of enforced stability - along with Kyle Walters & Wad Miller, that has no doubt helped re-build the fan base (slowly) and restore some pride to the organization (which was almost always projecting false pride)

Yes lets fire Mike O'Shea. You're right. He's a meanie that has done nothing for the club. There are some on here that clearly are better coach then Mike is. Lets hire Lyle B. Style. He's the smartest one here and really quick with name calling and labeling people. That would work well for him dealing with fans and media.

Everybody questions the coaches' decisions, even the players. I will say that Mike has been playing it the way I would lately. He takes the points when they are offered. No stupid 3rd and inches try within FG range, IN THE FIRST QUARTER !... No more keeping players out there NEEDLESSLY ! Using the guys sitting on the bench. AND our penalties are down,down,down !.. I like that there are very few points left on the field. The way all Ds are playing lately, it's a smart way to play.

A lot of talk lately about how good the Ott FG kicker is and he is good and a lot of talk about how Ott always goes for the two points and are pretty good at it too.. If we add in the stat that Ott is one of the worst teams in the red/green zone, the above two facts make sense...My son and I were discussing this and he said Ott was smart always going for the two. I disagreed. I think you should always take the sure points first. Many games are won on FGs and single pointers.... Just some thoughts.

…..A golden rule followed by a pretty good former coach of ours Dan...Bud Grant....Take the sure ones, he always said and another was ….'take the wind when you can right from the get go....cuz you never know when it'll fade or just plain drop out of sight.... That ol fox Bud sure knew how to play the percentages and won a few games in his time :wink:

I would be interested in learning what all of you think of Mile O'Shea now, four years later.

When Mike O'Shea came aboard over 9 years ago, he was "gifted" a fairly poor roster, didn't have any position coaches in the bank and certainly lacked for a star quarterback who could get the job done.
Fortunately, in conjunction with GM Kyle Walters & CEO Wad Miller (aka Canadian Mafia) the trio brought in some good coaches, solid scouts (McManus) with an over-abundance of patience for their new coach O'Shea.
And O'Shea would trust their patience. He was stubborn in so many ways. But when stubborness morphs into training, then into policy and finally into on-field results the clip-board is closed. Mike O'Shea is not only a good coach - he's a damn fine coach.

Now the stubborn streak will never leave him. It cost him meaningless games in his early Bomber years ~ but last weekend it cost him a 3rd straight Grey Cup championship. Some strange coaching decisions, some poor roster decisions. Leggio cost the Bombers a record 10 straight wins out of the chute earlier this year; Sunday, in conjunction with some of O'Shea's legendary stubborness he cost them a 3rd straight Cup.

New test for O'Shea now - - - - lets see what he can do with Ellingson & Bighill drying up, Demski no-showing for the Cup, Bryant possibly retiring and Buck Pierce at least 40% chance to get a head coaching job (or even an offensive assistant spot in the NFL).
Can Collaros deliver another year like he did this year? Before fading into the abyss in his WF win vs BC and horrid GC loss vs TO?

Some of the answers will emerge in December thru early February. . . . but the bigger test comes in the form of that old thing called an 18 game capsule!

Don't see a 15-3 team again - but if Rourke runs South, Maier doesn't superstar out in Calgary and Edmonton & Regina continue to flair I can certainly see Mike & Bombers going anywhere from 12-6 to 14-4. Again, the real test for Mike O. is how much team does he have left on the leash when playoffs occur? This year? Not much!
Next year? Who knows?

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His reliance or maybe loyalty on unreliable kickers have cost him thru the years and the times he had a solid kicking the team would out perform the others .

The other mistake in the GC game was not going back to the run when it mattered the most .

It surprised me the unusual BB play calling at the end .

Another mistake was the Prokup play drawn up and the actual throw looked really awkward and not executed properly which would have been a play they practiced that week .

This game was a great example of momentum in football and how it works and what you need to do to harness it with proper play calling .

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The back-to-back Grey Cup wins and the 15-3 season (10-0 start if Leggio hadn't croaked) has bought Mike O'Shea an inordinate amount of goodwill in Winnipeg. So much so that the Manitoba legislature has passed a law that says "Mike O'Shea's farts don't stink"
Anyways, BB fans are capable of turning away from the excessive series of flubs & dubs which happened last Sunday. Lots of experienced, gnarled Bomber vets suddenly got the heebie-jeebies when faced with the stark realization they had to play their final game in Regina winter conditions. Guys like Jefferson, Demski, Wolitarsky, Ellingson, Gray, Bighill, even Schoen on one play couldn't find his fingers. Collaros served up a stiff & awkward outing - Prukop had a couple nice 2 yd runs but his throw looked tight, awkward & in the end, in conjunction w/ flailing kicker Leggio cost the Bombers a 3rd straight Grey Cup - WHICH WAS OBVIOUSLY THERE FOR THE TAKING AS ONLY 2 ARGOS WERE SERIOUSLY SALIVATING AT THE THOUGHT OF QUASHING THE BOMBERS - GREY CUP MVP HENOC MUAMBA & BACK-UP QB CHAD KELLY. Nobody on the Bomber side stepped up like Muamba and/or Kelly. NOBODAAA

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