Re: Argos attendance better than people think

If every 2nd person last year brings 1 extra person the season is sold out.

You can't convince a second person to pay the ridiculous prices to go to a game. That's the problem.
If I ask a friend if they want to attend a game, they're interested. Once I tell them the price of a ticket, they're not. No one will shell out $60+ for a team they don't (yet) love. Sure, they could buy a cheap seat with a terrible view, but that won't be a good impression either. Might as well watch at home for free.

Entry level pricing is what's needed so everyone can bring that newbie friend.

Yes, it's an excellent home schedule that sets the Argos up for potentially a better season at the gate. But as an Argo STH, trust me: bad to horrible scheduling for the team goes back way before 2014.

Exactly. A few years ago when the Jays were drawing flies, it was easy to convince a friend to tag a long. $15 bucks got you a decent view up in the 500 level.

Hard to convince someone with no interest in the sport to pay high prices to watch a team they don't care about.

Stop trying to justify the Argos low attendance with other leagues like the MLS.
There is no relation, the Argos only need to fill the stadium for 9 games a year.
They have a different audience different demographics - stop the silly comparisons and excuses.

Besides you are trying to compare MLS attendance for games in March and April in cold, rainy, weather?
You can't compare it at all

I just bought season tickets for the Argos at $499 each plus it gives me 4 flex tickets per seat.
[b] Not bad I thought.

I just checked Chicago Bears tickets for the same type of area seating and they are 6336 each in section 211 U.S. End zone at $3223 each US. plus they have to pay seat licence fees. The Raiders move to L.A. the licence fees are $2000 to $80,000 each! News flash - Pizza Pizza deal is 2 season seats plus seat licences plus 4 cans of pop and 2 medium pizzas for $172,672.00 US

How would Toronto feel about being a big city paying these prices?[/b]

You are comparing the prices of an NFL team in Chicago - which has millions of followers - to that of a CFL team in Toronto - which has far far less than that.
That's not a good comparison.

It's the same problem Argo fans make when they compare Argos prices to maple leaf ticket prices and there is really no comparison that should be made.

Supply & demand dictates that Argo tickets should be a lot cheaper than Maple leaf tickets. The problem is, supply & demand also dictates that Argo tickets should be cheaper than what the Argos have been charging, or the place would be full at today's prices game in and game out.

I don't know how different the upper east side is from THF, but I'm very happy with my cheap seats in Hamilton, and really easy to get rid of tix i can't use when they're only $20.

That's irrelevant, prices are set by market demand. Some Bears fans will pay that price for tickets.
Green Bay with a tiny population compared to other NFL cities have a huge waiting list for season tickets and the fans pay the big bucks to attend. It's not just about the football, it's a community event and pride.

I just paid $216 for two Argo Flex Packs, great deal, got a bobble-head for the Ottawa game.
But too bad not many in Toronto will buy them.

Some good CFL marketing, I doubt it will have any affect in Toronto with millenials but good attempt by the CFL:

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Plus MLS attendance #s are total crap

there are half dozen franchises that draw 5000 per game (butts in seats), many more around 10000 mark.
look at photos at any game in houston, dallas, colorado, dc, NER, columbus, red bulls, houston, dallas, chicago, philly, LA and even getting to that level in montreal again. thats over half the league drawing flies.

They do have a few good franchises Seattle, Portland, kansas city, RSL etc.

Entry level pricing is a superb idea. However, the question is - "Where is the sweet spot for entry-level pricing?"

In Winnipeg Wadzilla Miller has an adult/youth ticket posted for $36.88, based on a full season ticket purchase. . . . . so that's about $28 for the adult and $9 bucks for his/her kid. And Bombers are an established team that realize their establishment attitude has resulted in profound erosion in their base audience over the years - so Miller is trying everything in the tool-kit to re-kindle attendance and help stave off the creditor (Prov. of Manitoba)

Funny, Miller is trying everything in the tool-kit to change the downward direction. But the sad fact is the current bomber stadium (IGF) is located on a terrible suburban island out at the Univ. of Manitoba property. Terrible access, poor parking, lengthy bus hops and the obligatory body searches and confiscation of water and chocolate bars make for a demeaning experience - especially if one is paying $60 to $95 per ticket plus $10 for brewskis, $9 for hot dogs and $8 for sugar pop soda. . . . . . let alone hefty parking fees, programs, etc.

BMO has the gift of location - its fairly central and accessible. The problem is the core audience of the Argos is either too old and/or too small to rue the day. They need to expand the core - and in a giant market (6th or 7th largest in North American) it ain't easy vs. The Leafs, The Pro Soccer, The Blue Jays, The Craptors.

Frankly speaking, the worst CFL games are more exciting than 90% of blue jay games, 75% of Craptor games and perhaps (Leafs are ascending) 45% of Leaf games. But unless someone understands the principles of pro football - the competitive environment its played under and some of the fabulous athletes who've graced its hallowed halls - all may fall on deaf ears! :cowboy:

Aside from the end zone there aren't any terrible views @ BMO Field.

You can get 11 game Sideline Season Tickets for $199. That's about $18 a game.

You could also get sideline tickets on StubHub for $6USD on game day for every game last season. That's less than $18CAD per game and creates an issue with the value of season tickets.

You are telling a pro-CFL board that CFL games are more exciting than 90% of Blue Jay games?
You have to convince and sell that to non-CFL fans in Toronto. Judging by the average crowds of 36k that went to 80 home games last year and the million average TV viewers on a specialty cable channel, the majority would disagree.

The young people in Toronto do not know the CFL or understand what is going on.
I took my daughter and son-in law to an Argo game last year against the Ticats, they were bored to death, didn't understand what was going on and why there was so much stoppage. Yet they love the Jays and will spend a lot of money to go to games and watch hours of baseball on TV.
They are both teachers in Toronto and their kids will talk about basketball, soccer and the NFL. None talk about the Argos or the CFL.
How can the kids relate to the CFL when most football programs in Toronto schools have disappeared? All schools have a soccer team and a basketball team and the kids love to play it.
A lot of new immigrant kids and they love basketball and soccer.
Kids aren't out throwing a football around like we did when we were kids, they are kicking a soccer ball around or on the basketball courts.

They aren't going to buy Argo tickets even if they are cheap if they don't understand or like the game.
If they could try to bring back football, even flag football in public schools and teach the rules in gym class that would be a start.

If that’s the case, i’d use stub hub all the time. Why throw away your money?

That actually equates to about $8.50 - $9.00 Canadian not $18.00. If that's the stub hub price, no wonder the salary cap is what it is. Surprised they can even pay players what they do at that rate.

The Argos are competing with the Jays and TFC for ticket buyers as their seasons coincide.

Get ready. Argos are gonna tear it up this year with Popp and Tressman. I can smell the sellouts already guys :cowboy:

Hope you're right. Fear you're wrong.

Last season only 4 games friday through sunday.

This season 7 games Friday Through Sunday.

Argos traditionally draw poor when Argos don't do well let alone not being able to have their usual schedule for many years. And only since then did attendance drop from 30,000 a game in the early 2010's because of Rogers Center.

I can pretty much guarantee everyones gonna go hey maybe having a crappy schedule DOES make a difference. Because that coincides entirely with Argos attendance drop going back to Rogers fiasco. :rockin:

Argos gonna sellout several times this year if not all games.