RE: Alouettes VS Stamps thread

Nice phantom offside call with flag thrown late on that fumble...every week same bs

Nice non-call for pass interferance in the end-zone as well

Montreal TD, aided by another brutal CFL reffing call. When are the CFL refs going to let the players decide these games.

Please, are you kidding, lol

Looks like Calgary is up 2 brutal calls to 1

Now thats PI ro.

Its still early :wink:

What is there to kid?
Grabbing the receiver's arm is PI!

Are you watching the Calgary Montreal game?

In any event I wouldn't worry, theres plenty of time of the refs to ruin whats shaping up to be a good game.

Wow, now thats a hail mary, lucky for sure.

What game are you watching?
It was clear as day! Why do you think Watkins was complaining?

Nice play!

He closed his hand on the jersey, didn't hang on long enough to impede his progress but when you grab a jersey and close your hand its a penalty. That's why it is called Holding not Slowing Down Receiver.

Desrivaux....twice tips a ball up...Trestman might as well cut him cause Calvillo isn't going to be using him anymore...

Are you talking about the PI on Browner? There was no clutching or grabbing that I saw. And the commentators seemed to agree.

Crazy last play of the half though. It sucks though since I picked Montreal to beat the spread. Hopefully they have a strong second half.

Yes the Browner PI, typical call from the refs. I cringe every time I see a great play knowing a flag is likely not far behind.

I liked the hail Mary, nothing to lose really.

Montreal just has to be patient. The Stamps "D" can be pretty bad at times. Thats what worries me, especially with Calvillo.

And whats up with that lazy deflection by Desrivaux? should get an ear full for that one.

The pass seemed a bit high to me, but maybe he still could have come down with it if he tried a bit harder. If he would have let it sail over his head it probably would have been picked anyways because there were three calgary defenders in the area.

Wow, wasn't expecting this.

Nice fake.

If i never hear another word about contested throws it'll be too soon.

It was certanily getting on my nerves as well

I was talking about the previous possession with the pass to Watkins in the endzone.