Re: all of this bellyaching......

I see some new threads that denigrate this team, its players, coaches and management.
C'mon people. Cut out the nastiness. This is not a joke to Marcel, Charlie and all the players. They are doing the best they can to get things turned around.
This year has been a lesson. Turarounds just do not happen quickly. We all wanted instant results but we forgot that most of the other teams in the league have improved over last year.....which meant we had even further to go than we thought.
In short.... for all of us posters on this forum....our expectations were unrealistic.
We all know what changes need to be made for 2008....on the field and among the coaching staff. We also know we have a nucleus of very good players to build on. In that respect we have salvaged something from this disappointing season.
This is not unrealistic rah rah. I just want to counter some of the "spoilt brat" mentality thats behind some of the posts that are appearing here.
My all the bellyaching thats going on now for next season if things do not improve. Heck ....I'll be ready to lead the charge if we have another season like this. But for now I prefer to dwell on the few bright spots that have come out of this season. :slight_smile:

Damn i agree a 110%
I like the way you think.

Im sure you understand the game and the level of play.

Rock on brotha from anotha mutha

Sorry but limiting the offence to 40% of the playbook is not doing anything to turn his thing around. Yes the Team has penalty issues but the big issue is the offense. Its a poorly run offense and Taffe was supossed to be an offensive guru. He is not a good coach and he has proven that by noy being able to get the best out of his players. He puts recievers in the wrong position. He miss used Holmes, Richie for most of the year and has a passion for having his QB throw sideways for 5 yard when we need 10. Every defense in this league knows what plays are coming and are not afraid of the long ball. The coaching staff give up way too easily on the game plan when things don't work off the bat. I am tired of hearing Taffe say its a process. Take a chance for a change, there is nothing to lose, maybe the game but thats a given these days anyway, It makes me sad to think this way but this organization has given me no reason to think otherwise and they deserve to hear it from those of us who do not think they are doing a good job. Bottom line is they are not. Sugar coating the obvious will not work.