Re: 2014 Season's tickets

My brother-in-law, with all of his various ex-player connections (Hitchcock and Krouse mostly), was unable to score player (or ex player) seasons tickets prices (50% discount) for us this year. With fewer seats in the new stadium apparently the team is cutting back on that option to some extent. I understand why they are doing this and have no beef with their decision. Unlike the last number of years at IWS I will be forced to pay the rookie season ticket price. I plan on purchasing a single seat in a gold section ($625.00) as my brother-in-law refuses to pay full price for a season ticket and will be going to a few individual games instead.

I hope the fans I will be sitting with will allow me to feel welcome as an individual ticket holder.


I am sure the fans will welcome you with open arm's ........not sure about your brother in law's thinking though, especially if he wants to be at every game , if he has only paid 50% of what others have paid over the past few years then why would he balk at paying full price this year? ....and why did he not get in on the sale of a couple of months ago if he knew this was going to happen ?

He probably has already saved more than the price of his ticket for this year, from his savings, of previous years. :?

Just bought my ticket through an agent named Kyle Robinson. I will be in Section 103 Row 19.

Mr. Pike, my brother-in-law will only buy something if he can get a deal. He doesn't look at previous deals he received to discount a current full price purchase. His mind just doesn't work that way.

In past seasons we sat in Box H in amongst the hecklers. It will be different experience sitting behind the Cat bench. I'm sure there will be a lot more positive cheering going on.

:thup: :rockin:

Supply and Demand at its finest. Mr Young has carried the Cats for several years now and his loyalty will be paying off with $$$ signs for the first time. The CFL has been revived and the TiCats will once again be part of that.
In fact The city has made some other moves that should bring more successful sports franchises to Hamilton. Gobal Sports Managing FirstOntario Centre( Copps ) has already got corporate naming sponsor, new modern scoreboard for the other pro sports franchise in Hamilton the Bulldogs.

Any idea on the Season Ticket total?

I would love to go to the opener but I am sure it will be sold out.

I did a quick count. Only 5K tickets left. Not bad. Not bad at all. Hopefully, by game time, all of the tickets will be gone and we will have a season of sell outs.

That is 5k left of the available season tickets for sale. The entire 22.5k of seats in the stadium are not available to purchase. They are capping seats at around 16k I was told by my ticket rep.

Regardless if they don't sell another season ticket, are they really not going to sell out every game? I would be shocked they couldn't sell out the entire season, just maybe not up front.

When all the good games sell out, like Labour Day, it will hopefully create a demand for a game against say, Edmonton.

Thanks, Brad.

Well, if that is the case, I am disappointed. If they have only sold 11K season tickets then that is shameful.