Re: 10 Negotiation List players for the Cats 9/24/20

Each CFL team released the names of 10 of their Negotiation List players. Teams are allowed 45 on their list.


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Ta'amau is a good choice. He won't be able to beat out Mahomes for playing time for the next ten years. You'll see him play in the CFL than in the XFL from where he had played

Daniel Wise is another good selection. He was considered a good lineman prospects in last years' draft. My Dallas Cowboys signed Wise as a free agent. He was one of the last cuts out of training camp last year.

Hartman is another good pick. He is a good developmental QB. Hartman is tailor made for the CFL ala Trevor Harris. . Mobile, smart. I saw his team get blown out by Clemson last week

The Tabbies did a good job on their scouting

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I wonder if the Kent Austin/Ole Miss/Ticats connection is still going strong?
Also, another QB from App St, from where the best CFL QB to ever change a tire at NASCAR races hailed...