RDS, what is wrong with them?

I know I have done a few rants on the lack of Als coverage recently, so feel free to call me a broken record. But, did anyone else watch the RDS daily bulletin at 18:30 today? I'll mention quickly that the first 15 minutes of the bulletin were about hockey (Is it November already?). Sarcasm aside, they did talk about the Als.

Yes, they presented a segment about some of the Als players who have tattoos (yes the subject of the segment was tattoos). They then had the players show their tattoos and explain why they had them. I feel bad for Mathieu Proulx who was a good sport and tried to be funny in the segment (might as well call it a sketch). But, the whole segment came across as lame.

What about the fights that took place today during practice today?! Even the ever calm Cahoon got in a fight. This is news! The practice today, apparently was something to see (yesterday to...). Well, RDS never mentionned today's practice, never mentionned the tension, and if you were expecting footage of the fights/practice, forget about it.

Reporters, journalists and people from the media are always looking to start rumours and gossip with this sort of thing. RDS could have lit a fire under this thing (I am not saying it is right for the media to sensationalise things, but it is their job...). RDS thought that Bob Gainey's tie was more newsworthy. Oh, but I now know how many tattoos Pascal Masson has, and that he does not shave his chest! Great job RDS...

This is why I wrote the post about "Journaliste recherché" for the Montreal Alouettes.

We want a guy who will tell the Alouettes news to the people.

A guy who will talk about the team, about their fans and not about the player tatoos.

I repeat, if anyone want to write some lines regularly about the Als, join me at patlafoy@hotmail.com and we will give you a crowd of more than 2000 people to read your articles.

It's better in french but if anyone is interested and just talk in english, we can see what can we do with that.