I was in Hull QC last Friday and accidently watched tghe Als game on RDS…Folks I dont know what it is but the picture quality, sound & production was surprisingly super.

That’s cool. I’ve only ever seen one game on RDS, and I remember having similar thoughts about the quality.

Isn’t Hull called Gatineau now?

Yes, it one the so-called “megacities” in Ontario/Quebec… I think Toronto and Montreal have that same designation…

I really like the TSN feed when I get it on ESPN+. Picture on my 52" screen is so clear, and large, the detail is excellent. I despise watching games on ESPN or ESPN2. They letterbox the picture, then add their score and news crawls on the bottom. By the time they’re done, it’s like watching a game on a 9-inch portable. You have to look really close just to figure out which teams are playing.

i think since u were in quebec u might have had a non rogers/bell connection to your tv -