RDS To Televise Non-Alouette CFL Games

Don`t know if this has been mentioned, but I see RDS and RDS2 will be televising a slew of non-Alouette games. Hopefully this will expose some of the NFL fanatics to CFL football. The lineup is on the CFL website.

Also Brodeur-Jourdain has a column now on the RDS website.

I have to say that with Durocher in le Journal, Herb now talking to Popp, etc. our media coverage is as good as it`s ever been.

And with only 14,000 at Di Vaios debut we cant say we are losing fans to the Impact.

There are no excuses, the Alouettes have to simply provide a winning and somewhat exciting team to (re)capture the Montreal public.

Les supporteurs des Alouettes ont frappé fort sur le clou pour que RDS mette plus de football canadien en ondes. La croisade de Denis Généreux a porté fruit et c'est grâce aux appuis à sa caballe que RDS s'est décidé à nous parler des gagnants, pas des minables.

Également, la LCF a parti un blogue sur le site de RDS. C'est très bon signe parce qu'on va enfin voir autre chose que de la NFL dans la section football. Il y a une fenêtre avant le mois d'août pour intéresser les amateurs de la NFL, dont plusieurs aiment aussi le football canadien même si ce n'est pas leur préférence. Avec plus de visibilité, le football canadien pourra faire du chemin parmi l'auditoire francophone et avec le temps, ça aidera l'équipe à remplir le stade, et ça aidera la ligue à percer le marché de Montréal.

Well, that at least is a start to promote football to primarily French-speaking Canadians. Football has most certainly been growing in Quebec and who knows? Maybe there'll be a team in Quebec city before Ottawa gets its act together and that would be good for the game and create a rivalry.

I would like nothing better than to see the CFL expand to many more Canadian cities and increase in popularity.

Je juste viens de lire quelques commentaires de Denis Genereux sur RDS. Bravo a lui!

This is good news indeed, and something that I was hoping for the last few years to expose the CFL to the Francophone viewers, that does not involve just Als only games.
This can also give exposure to Quebec born players who do play on the other 7 CFL teams outside the province. :thup:

Also getting all games on Sirius radio in English #154 and Als games in French #157, something I will appreciate when I am travelling or coming and going.