RDS ratings increased substantially

Als Pres. Mark Weightman stated that RDS ratings have risen substantially this season, juxtaposed with a 3.7% increase in Als attendance (highest of all CFL teams) and merchandise revenue despite their worst seasonal record since 1986.

anyone have the actual RDS numbers for comparison sake?

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The French-language television ratings on RDS increased substantially for #AlsMTL games - @MWeightmanAls #CFL via @HerbZurkowsky1

[url=http://montrealgazette.com/sports/football/cfl/herb-zurkowsky-alouettes-headed-in-right-direction-team-president-mark-weightman-says]http://montrealgazette.com/sports/footb ... htman-says[/url]

Hey! I've you've got nothing negative to day, don't say anything at all!


Hate to be negative but the Als are still 3,000 average below Ottawa and Hamilton, they expanded their stadium and rarely get 24k.
RDS ratings were up 6%, I can't find any numbers because Numeris only posts the top 30 TV programs on French language TV, the last football ratings recorded on Numeris french was the Super Bowl with close to 1 million on RDS, which is phenomenal when you think that RDS has only 2 million subscribers or 5 million viewers.
TSN numbers were 550k and total RDS/TSN 580k, don't know if that means 30k average on RDS or how they measure it, RDS televised most CFL games this year.

like he## you don't.

Als are on a four year slide and your comparing their attendance to two winning teams playing in brand new stadiums ? Ok...

I'll counter that a bunch of fans of this forum were predicting 5000 crowds once the team struggled. I'll tell you what the Bombers, Argos, Lions, Stamps, Eskimos, Riders would be thrilled to have a 3.7 percent increase in attendance. Also they did this in spite of a huge increase in season ticket price package this year by adding/bundling a playoff game ticket in the package (that they will now have to refund to their season ticket holders.

As for RDS viewership. It is between 150 and 200k when the Als are playing and between 30k and 60k again depending on the game when RDS is showing contests between not involving the Als.

I would probably agree with most of what you are saying, the RDS non-Als games are on RDS2 which tells you that few people are watching.
I don't remember too many people predicting 5,000 crowds but crowds of over 21k for a losing team is pretty good. The Als were predicted by most people to finish near the top in the East and I'm sure many Als fans bought season tickets and tickets in advance of the season thinking they will be the team to emerge to challenge the Ticats.