RDS is televising the Ticats at Montreal Game - Thursday !!

I just switched my sports package with Cogeco to get RDS for the Thursday Game, it’s free to switch if you have the sports package !! 522 is the channel with Cogeco

Ch 863 on Bell Satellite

Thanks for the info. Won't be able to watch it live, but I have it set on the PVR so I can watch it Friday.

Anybody know if RDS is available on Sourcecable?

Yup, Channel 197


I don't think Rogers (aka Shaw Hamilton and Mountain Cablevision) carries RDS. Does anyone know if this is true, and if incorrect, what channel it is on?

I have Shaw and purchased RDS yesterday.

$2 a month, channel 905

Will the game be on CHML radio Thursday.


Thanks scottmcn :thup:

How about regular Rogers Cable ? Is RDS included or can it be purchased ?

Do you know if most restaurants / bars would haev RDS ?

I would imagine a sports bar would have RDS especially if they air Montreal Canadiens hockey games. You may want to call ahead though since there's game 4 of the NBA Playoffs and 5 MLB games. I'm trying to convince my local to air the game and I'm a pretty big deal around there! :wink:

Does anyone know if there is a bar that has RDS?

Perhaps the sponsoring Buffalo Wild Wing?


I guess I could use the magic of the telegramaphone, but I think perhaps if we can find one we can have a central Ti-Cat bar location to watch the game at.

Thanks Jordan02! :rockin:

Buffalo Wild Wings (Stoney Creek) is NOT showing the Game :thdn:

Depth Chart for the Montreal Game !

[url=http://cfl.uploads.mrx.ca/ham/downloads/downloads/2013/06/ticatsdepth-june132013060847.pdf]http://cfl.uploads.mrx.ca/ham/downloads ... 060847.pdf[/url]

I don't subscribe to RDS, why should Wild Wings restaurant? RDS is a nothing channel is S Ontario is my guess.

The BP at the center will probably put it on if you ask.

...except Thursday night, of course... :wink:

Although TSN will be showing something more thrilling (at least to the Toronto Sports Network (TSN) :roll: ) at least RDS is coming through in the clinch. Perhaps if enough Ticat fans watch, the ratings might be sufficient that the idiots (oops sorry - the men in suits in Toronto) might see the value in showing Ticat preseason games. One can always hope of course.

So Bee-Dubs wants to be a big time sponsor of the Cats yet they won't put the pre-season game via RDS on the Big Screens?

I bet if I head back to Jack Astor's they'll do it for enough of us?