RDS is reporting Hunt will play tonight...

Who sits?

I'm as curious as you. It can't be Hill, who leads the league in tackles. Maybe Hunt will rotate with Hill or Ferri at OLB?

It's Taylor as I earlier pointed out in another thread.

I wonder if Trestman feels bad for Hunt and wants him to play against the Riders, or is feeling the pressure of the media to play him, because every 2 days there's an article on Reggie Hunt sitting. Or if he just flat out earned his sport and Taylor lost his job.

I'm happy to see him get a chance to show his leadership and go out there and be the best (which I think he is).

Just for the record, I probably already pointed it out, I play Linebacker, and Reggie Hunt has always been my idol, even when he was with the Riders.

Taylor is somewhat injured:

[url=http://communities.canada.com/MONTREALGAZETTE/blogs/thesnap/archive/2008/07/18/taylor-doubtful.aspx]http://communities.canada.com/MONTREALG ... btful.aspx[/url]

What is really frustrating, is that here we are 5 hours from gametime, and the depth chart for tonight's match is still not on the Als' website.

I Don't care who sits All I know is lark meat is tasty :rockin: :cowboy: :thup:

Sorry for that earlier reply it was just a joke although I want the Riders to win I wish all the best to my buddy Reggie "The Reaper" Hunt. :rockin: unfortunately for the Riders though Durant doesn't know what he's in for. :twisted:

I'm very excited to see Hunt. This guy was the big offseason signing and I'm hoping he can give us an extra edge on defense.