RCMP arrest in Saskatchewan = TURKEYBEND!

cp- Saskatchewan RCMP released the name of an male individual cross-dressed as a BC Felion cheerleader prancing down several small town main streets in Saskatchewan yesterday, singing the BC Lions Fight song, C'mon and Roar you Lions Roar. The man claimed his name was TURKEYBEND and was having trouble breathing muttering bishop is a pawn not a king over and over again. Local authorities in Gull Lake, Saskatchewan claimed they called 911 because the singing was so bad and the sight of this individual dressed in cheerleaders garb was well unsightly.

Congrats to B.C. Lions and their fans. A dominant victory I hate to admit. You deserved to win and to win on the road in the playoffs is not easy. Kudos to Buck Pierce, your defense particularly your defensive line and to all of your team. No excuses, the better team won. Congrats also to the Rider fans who sold out the stadium in 25 minutes and created an electric atmosphere- we are the best!
It has been quite a ride from being Grey Cup Champs to our unlikely season this year. Hey, and I even one Big Dave's weekly pool!!! To fans of other teams, stick with your teams through thick and thin cuz when you go all the way it is a wonderful, priceless natural high!!!!!!!!!!! And, we have the best league in the world. Long live the CFL. The Grey Cup will be great in Montreal this year, consider going or at least , have a GRey Cup Party. For those whose skin I got under this year - it is all in fun.

Again, congrats to the Lions and Esks. Good luck and may the west win the Grey Cup always.
However, one last thing!!! You heard it here first----- Saskatchewan Roughriders Grey Cup champions 2007, 2009!!!!!!!

Rider Pride Nation Wide
CFL Rules
cheers to all. :rockin: :cowboy:

Hats off to you Turkey!
You are a classy guy!

Good to see you, Turkey... :smiley:

Great post Turkey no pictures! ( Thanks I would rahter not just imagining the site of this event scares me).

Turkey, You are a good sport! As RW2005 says, please.....no pictures! :lol: :lol: :lol:

The next time I come to Regina, I will try to plan ahead instead of short notice so we can have a drink or two.

Keep up your "Creative writting"! They are always entertaining!

BTW, the closest to a Gainer costume I could find were two Gopher puppets in the Dollar store! :wink: :wink:

Turkey you in Gull Lake Sasakatchewan?

You are a class act turkey. Despite the nightmares I will have for a few weeks from your description.... at least the ongoing rendition of "roar Lions roar", now stuck in my head has finally obliterated the roar in my head saying, "Bishop, picked off again...."

Way to go Turkey ! It's fans like you who make this game so special . Have a good Winter and see you next spring. Good luck next year . Your team showed a lot of guts this year and gained a lot of respect from ALL Fans of the CFL.