RBs: Ranek or McClendon?

That will be interesting to follow. I just hope we don't have to test either one for an extended period of time!

From what I've seen in camp I would say Lefors might have the edge at the moment. He looks very smooth and effortless out there. Looking forward to seeing him in game action.

I'm thinking that perhaps Goldie McClendon may have a decent shot at getting more touches than he did last year. What do you think, supertoe? Or, are you still betting on Bradley getting the starters role over McClendon?



[i]Eskimos reduce roster

(Edmonton) The Edmonton Eskimos today released the following players:

Kody Bliss – Kicker/Punter (Import)

Kendrick Starling – Receiver (Import)

Josh Ranek – Running Back (Import)

Mike Murphy – Defensive End (Import)

Russel Rabe – Defensive End (Import)

Jabari Issa – Defensive Line (Import)

Marcus Winn – Linebacker (Import)

Issa played three years for the Eskimos. In 2006 he appeared in five games and registered seven defensive tackles and one pass knockdown.

Winn played two years for the Esks and recorded 24 defensive tackles and three special teams tackles in 16 games last year.

Ranek signed with the Eskimos as a free agent in January. He has played five years in the CFL with Ottawa (2002-2005) and Hamilton (2006).[/i]

What do you think larry? I thought we dealt with this already. I have no problem eating a little crow. I hope McClendon is the running back we have been looking for since Reggie Taylor.

It was unfortunate that Ranek was unable to compete, but injuries happen. I think the only way that Bradley starts at this point is if both McClendon and Ebell are injured.


ranek has never impressed me as a runningback ever. whenever mcclendon was used by the esks which wasnt often, he did impress and put up numbers. the eskimos definitely did the right thing by cutting ranek though. good move done by the esks to further rebuild this club.

Time will tell. We'll know in a month or so whether it was a good move. He is a feel good story here in Edmonton and lots of people are rooting for him. I hope he can be the back we are looking for so that we can stop looking.


I dont think you need to look any further than Ebell-- looks like both you and Larry were wrong- you have a new back, a little time and he could be a great one in the CFL.

Ebell was great. Ranek who?

Yep Ebell looked great. I'm not sure either of us were wrong. He has his opinion and I have mine. McClendon will need to produce though to keep playing ahead of this kid I think.


If McClendon is still out a few weeks, and Ebell continues to impress, I could see him taking over the starting role.

I think Ebell made a statement that he is for real. They always say that you can't lose your position to injury BUT if Ebell continues to mature and improve and stay in the CFL, he will have alegendary career. He may make it impossible to reclaim the starter's role for McClendon.

Interesting to note how he was not even on the radar when this thread was started. As fans we don't always know what the scouts have found and what may be coming next.

True enough. I knew that he was coming to camp and that he was highly touted, but that was all. He looked alright in camp, but you can never really tell about a back in camp. You need to see him in game action.