RBs: Ranek or McClendon?

Pre-camp prediction.

Hey 123, this is a joke right? You seriously think that Goldie will have even a sniff at running the ball this year? How much opportunity did he get behind Troy Davis or Elvis Joseph for that matter. He couldn't even win the starting job outright over Joseph.

He is too small. Yes he is fast but you need to run north south and hit the hole with some momentum, not start dancing and dekeing before you even get to the line. He kills any momentum he builds up and makes it easy to tackle him.

On top of that he is just not strong enough to shed tackles. Charles Roberts is small too, but he is strong enough to bounce off hits and keep driving forward. McClendon just gets knocked over. His style may have worked in college, but he is just not effective unless you throw him the ball coming out of the backfield.

If McClendon was that good we wouldn't have seen Troy Davis here. Goldie would have been the starter. They certainly wouldn't have been signing guys like Warren and Ranek as well.

I'm not really sure why he is still around other than the fact that he works in the office selling tickets for the team.

Trust me on this, McClendon will not get any more playing time than he did last year if he even gets that much. Don't forget that Mike Bradley is still around and when healthy he will get touchs ahead of McClendon.


I think Ranek is your money guy.

Umm... no its not a joke...

Impressive rookies in running for jobs
Vicki Hall, The Edmonton Journal
Published: Thursday, May 31, 2007

EDMONTON - The Edmonton Eskimos might as well draw a giant question mark at the position of running back on the depth chart.

The job of starting tailback could go to Ronald (Goldie) McClendon, the hard-working speedster who spent most of the last two seasons on the bench. Or former Ottawa Renegades sensation Josh Ranek could barrel through the competition at training camp to claim the position.
Newcomers Tyler Ebell and Phillip Brock made quite an impression Wednesday at rookie camp, so don't rule either out of the race for the right to carry the ball for the Green and Gold.

As veterans, McClendon and Ranek don't report to camp until Sunday.

"The two horses are not even here," Maciocia said, "and we've got a couple guys, I think, who are very, very good. So it's going to be interesting to see how we're going to split the reps here.

"We'll have to make sure we find a way to give everybody an opportunity, so we can evaluate them accordingly."

On defence, linebacker Ray Perryman shone Wednesday with close coverage and several punishing hits. The Northern Arizona product was drafted in the fifth round by the Baltimore Ravens in 2001. He spent time with Baltimore and Jacksonville before heading north.

"Ray Perryman is someone who clearly impresses," Maciocia said. "He can do a few things. He's got leadership qualities."

Receiver Fred Stamps is expected to arrive in Edmonton today after attending to family issues in the U.S. Maciocia hopes to see him on the practice field by Friday.

SHORT YARDAGE: Former Eskimos president Hugh Campbell may be retired, but he stopped by the practice field to check on the prospects at rookie camp. So did retired Eskimos cornerback Malcolm Frank. "We're just trading stories," Campbell said. "I just asked him if he wanted to go first and tell me how big a fish he caught." Frank plans to move to Texas where he'll teach history and coach high school football ... The Police have evicted the rookies from their traditional quarters in the visiting room at Commonwealth Stadium. They will change in the dressing room at Clarke Stadium until the cleanup is complete after Sting and the band perform Saturday night.

esks question is also backed up as valid in this story from the Journal.

[url=http://www.canada.com/topics/sports/football/cfl/eskimos/story.html?id=f600c778-13c3-47a1-83e6-04104dd33eb5&k=2559]http://www.canada.com/topics/sports/foo ... eb5&k=2559[/url]

Vicki Hall
The Edmonton Journal

Sunday, June 03, 2007

CREDIT: Bruce Edwards, The Journal
Kamau Peterson takes a pulmonary test during the Eskimos' training camp medicals Saturday at the Ramada Hotel. Find out who flunked on page C4.

CREDIT: Bruce Edwards, The Journal
Tony Tompkins gets his teeth checked by Dr.Terry Horne on Saturday.


The Edmonton Eskimos returned to work on Saturday, minus some of the traditional swagger that came naturally for a team that made the playoffs for 34 straight seasons.

Last autumn the unthinkable happened and the Green and Gold finished fourth in the CFL West Division, their

7-11 record not good enough to keep their post-season streak alive.

Their quest to get back to the top of the CFL mountain starts this morning when training camp begins at Clarke Park.

"You live with it day in and day out," said guard Dan Comiskey just after getting his photo taken for the Eskimos media guide. "You don't get to go on vacation from a season like we had last year. You never want that to be the last thing you remember."

Once the class of the league, the 2006 Eskimos were pushed around on special teams. The defensive secondary had more gaps than Edmonton has potholes. The offensive line suffered growing pains, and quarterback Ricky Ray took a pounding. The return game all but disappeared.

Head coach Danny Maciocia's challenge now is to fix those weaknesses and turn his team back into a Grey Cup contender.

"It's a different era here," said kicker Sean Fleming, the longest-serving Eskimo with 16 years on his resume. "Especially with some guys retiring and others let go. It's going to be very competitive year."

Gone are key veterans such as wide receiver Ed Hervey, linebacker Singor Mobley, cornerback Malcolm Frank, safety Kelly Wiltshire and tailback Troy Davis. The list of newcomers is lengthy, especially in the secondary.

Defensive backs Jason Goss, Stanford Samuels and Omarr Morgan are expected to anchor a new-look group that will be called upon to support sophomore Adam Braidwood and the defensive line.

CFL journeyman Ricky Bell will compete for a job at linebacker. Former Hamilton Tiger-Cat Kamau Peterson is expected to push for a job in the receiving corps. Ron Warner, formerly of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, is in the mix on the defensive line.

There's competition at virtually every position; from backup quarterback to kicker to tailback and receiver.

"The streak is over," Fleming said. "It's unfortunate. It was going to happen at some point in time and, unfortunately, it probably happened sooner than everybody wanted it to.

"Burt now it's the impetus for change. When you miss the playoffs, there's going to be changes everywhere. Every team in the CFL is getting better. We've just got to make sure that we're one step ahead of everybody."

Ronald McClendon is the leading contender for the starting job at tailback, but don't count out former Ticat Josh Ranek or CFL newcomers Tyler Ebell and Phillip Brock.

At receiver, Jason Tucker is a lock but the other jobs are wide open. Don't be surprised to see a few new faces -- possibly Fred Stamps, Patrick Johnson, Taco Wallace or Kendrick Starling -- catching balls come opening day against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

"We've obviously got a lot to prove to people around the league," Comiskey said. "We're not that team that you saw last year."

Overall, the Eskimos could have 20 or more new faces -- and that doesn't include offensive co-ordinator Jacques Chapdelaine, who defected from the Grey Cup-champion B.C. Lions.

"There's going to be a learning curve for a whole bunch of people here," Chapdelaine said. "It doesn't happen overnight."


It would appear, supertoe, that at least in the minds of the media, McClendon is pencilled in at #1, and Ranek is pencilled in at #2. Unless they got that impression from the coaching staff, I'm not sure why they would just randomly make that up.

In the mind of Vicky Hall anyway. I have no problem with that if that's her opinion. I don't often form my opinion based on what the media thinks, but hey whatever floats your boat.

 As far as getting the indication from the coaching  staff I have no doubt that's where it comes from. It's the same thing we've heard from the coaching staff the last three seasons. What do you expect them to say? We're keeping him around because he's great at selling tickets?

 I wonder if Josh Ranek is going to be leaving messages on my phone in the off season about renewing my seats. I doubt it, but you never know. 

 Personally, I'm basing my opinion on watching him run in TC the last two seasons plus watching him in exhibition games the last couple years. As far as when the bullets are flying the same coaching staff has not had the confidence or patience to stay with him as a starter or even platooning out of the backfield, even when the only guy ahead of him was Elvis Joseph. 

 On top of that we have seen a number of backs come in and out to audition for the position even though he was sitting there ready to play. At the end of last season they sign both Warren and Ranek even though they have Goldie waiting to step in.

 In my opinion if they were that comfortable with him he would have been given the #1 job way before they brought in Troy Davis and maybe not even dealt for Davis. At the very least they would have given him some more opportunity last season besides just a token game as a plum for being a good soldier when they were out of the playoffs.

 The coaching staff can say whatever they want to the media. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it ends up being something completely different.

 I won't have the opportunity to get out to TC this week, but hope to get out and have a look next weekend. I guess we'll see what happens but I am not expecting McClendon to be the #1 when the season starts and it would not surprise me to see him released.

 It would also not surprise me to see him take a job with the team in the front office. He's been doing it for two years now. I guess we'll know in about three weeks time and perhaps I'll be eating some crow but I doubt it.


Your theory sounds great, supertoe, except for one thing. When the Eskimos brought in Troy Davis, there was NO indication from the coaching staff, the media, or anybody, that McClendon was pencilled in as the starter. Now, with Ranek brought into camp, the coaching staff has pencilled McClendon in as the starter. What's the difference? McClendon was selling tickets back then, too. Are you suggesting that they pencil him in as the starter during training camp, as a "thank you" for his off season job? Are you for real? That doesn't even make sense, man. The Eskimos were doing just fine with attendance before McClendon arrived. They don't need to bribe players with the chance at being a starter, so that they will stay on with their off season job.

You dismissed esks123 commments that McClendon may be the starter with "this is a joke, right?" Clearly, you have already been proven wrong on this statement. McClendon appears to have a very realistic chance to be the starter, and is actually pencilled in by the coaching staff, who likely know a little more about football than you do, as the starter. To suggest that he could win the job is hardly a joke. It may not happen. Anything can happen in training camp. But to dismiss the possibility as a far fetched joke shows lack of knowledge. The Eskimo coaching staff may take your opinion into account, and dismiss McClendon's chances as a joke. But, I doubt it.

That's a fair rebuttle larry. I'd be happy to respond and trade ideas with you. First though, let me address something else. Esks123 is a very dedidicated fan and poster and I respect him (her)for that. The reason I started the post with that was because I was trying to make a point. 123 is also a notorius cut and paster of news articles. Sometimes it seems like just for the sake of posting something. I have a problem with that. I follow my team and don't need all the news articles that we are inundated with. I won't even read those posts. Useless. I'm sure you are the same. 123 loves to go on esksfans.com and give us the opinions of other posters on there. I am a member there myself and will go there if I want to read that stuff. In short it kinda seems like we never read what 123 has to say and I have to admit with all the posting of media articles and content from other posters on other sites I am a tad sceptical of 123's opinion. Just seems like I've always read it somewhere else first. That said, I reiterate my respect for the passion and enthusiasm and if he(she) is interested I'd like to extend an offer to the both of you to meet at TC this coming weekend and we can sit and watch the sessions together and talk football.

You made some valid points in your post and I'll share my thoughts on them. First of all do you remember when they brought in Troy Davis? Half way through the season when it was becoming crystal clear that they had no running game to speak of, and no clear cut #1 RB.

Both McClendon and Elvis Joseph had been there since camp and neither one was able to provide any consistency at all. Your'e right, they weren't calling McClendon #1 and they weren't playing him at all. Mike Bradley, Darrhen Diedrick, Michael Jenkins all had chances to audition for the spot and our running game sucked. Why wasn't McClendon the #1 then when we so clearly needed one? Why would they bring in Troy Davis in the first place if they knew they had a starter in McClendon?

Fast forward to the next season. Why did McClendon not see any meaningfull playing time at all last year even though the running game was struggling big time? As far as suggesting they listed him as the #1 as a thank you is ludicrous and insulting but I will take that in the spirit in which it was intended. Of course the Eskimos coaching staff will not be seeking out my opinion nor do I profess to know more about football than they do. You are right that anything can happen in TC. As I stated in my post, perhaps I will be eating crow over this subject but I doubt it.

Why do I think they have him listed as the #1 at this moment? Simple. He has the most seniority of all the backs at the moment, save for Mike Bradley and that ship has sailed. They have to list someone as the #1 for the depth chart. They are giving him his last gasp chance to show that he deserves to stay here and do more than sell tickets. He has looked alright. He is in great shape and looks fast. He is probably not costing much so why not let him have another look see in camp. I don't believe they are serious or Ranek wouldn't be here either. So if your'e a betting man do you want to put your money on a proven starter and former all star in the league or on a guy who couldn't win the job when there was nobody else in front of him?

Be snide and sarcastic if you must, but that's why I just can't take him seriously as the starter no matter what the media and depth chart say after 3 days of TC. I look forward to seeing you at camp and talking football,


Sounds great. I'll see you at training camp. I'll be the guy that doesn't think he knows more than the coaches of the Eskimos and media that cover them. Perhaps McClendon has never been pencilled in as #1 to date because it has taken him a couple of years to develop?

PS, an article in the Edmonton Journal today, and posted on the front page of this site, also confirms that McClendon is #1 at this point. To suggest that by signing Ranek, they aren't serious about McClendon, is just plain ignorant. They also signed Montford last year, a proven starter and all star, after cutting him. I guess they weren't serious about Braidwood?


I never read the journal in person, but rather through articles on the internet. I'm sure many other people do as well, hence the reason I help to spread Eskimo articles using these cfl.ca forums in an effort to inform others and hopefully discuss the articles with them. No hard feelings or anything, but if you find the articles "useless" then it's probably best if you didn't respond and ignore them like you claim you do.

Anyways, I did end up going to the camp for Day 1. I didn't end up watching the RBs very closely(in fact I didn't even have the time to spot Ranek or Ebell) but McClendon was looking very impressive in my opinion. He was very quick and agile on a few running drills, and seemed to have better hands than last year when catching balls out of the backfield. His acceleration just after receiving the ball is what impressed me the most. From what I saw, I didn't notice him drop any balls on day 1. Since I didn't get a good look at Ranek, I obviously can't comment on him or compare the two.

I've now read about 3 or 4 seperate articles that have mentioned that McClendon is listed as the #1 back in camp at this point in time(even with Danny Maciocca being quoted saying this). To continue to suggest that it "is a joke" that McClendon doesn't have a shot at the starting RB spot is ,as Larrysmiles put it, ignorant.

I've seen McClendon in camp for the last three years and he has always had that acceleration. He has also been more effective catching the ball out of the backfield every time he's gotten some playing time. Surely you remember that from watching him a couple years ago before Troy Davis arrived. Perhaps you haven't had much chance in the previous two years to see him live at all and that's why he looks impressive.

As far as the articles go, I don't take offense. Sorry, but I just don't see the need to post stuff that is readily available to anyone who might be interested through a variety of media formats. Fact is, I don't bother to read the articles posted by anybody. I think the forums are a place to gain insight into the OPINIONS of other fans and not the news media.

As far as McClendon goes, whatever. He might make it and if he does I will have some serious doubts regarding the coaching staff and their evaluation of talent. Since you have such a keen insight perhaps you can explain to me why the guy has not taken a meaningfull snap for this team since Troy Davis arrived over two years ago and yet is being touted as the #1 RB in a supposedly revamped offense. What, he all of sudden came into his own? And how the hell do we know that because he doesn't play.

Larrysmiles questioned my knowledge of the game because I dared to question the opinion of the media? Pardon me, I didn't know that it was a requirement that we take what the media writes as gospel in this town.

As far as him being listed #1, I'm sure the coaching staff is looking at the guy again. It baffles me and a lot of other fans I know. Based the struggles we have had at RB over the last couple years I would question the judgement of the coaching staff on this position as well. Need I remind you that just because the team puts on a brave face with Maciocia doesn't necessarily mean that everyone agrees with how he runs the team.

I coach minor football with an ex Eskimo. Guess what his first change would have been from last season? Get rid of Maciocia. Read through esksfans for a while and you'll get the picture. Not all of us are sold on or believe in Maciocia.

Anyway, I guess we'll know in about three weeks time. One thing that Goldie didn't have when he was the #1 a couple years ago was Dan Comiskey. That could make a big difference.

As far as being ignorant are you saying I'm rude or that I'm dumb? I don't think that having my own opinion makes me either. Sorry if I offended you but I do think that it is a joke that McClendon is listed as the #1 right now even though he has not dressed for more than a half dozen games in the last two years for a team that struggled at RB. If he is that good, where was he? Can you explain that without calling me names?


Sorry larry, missed your post. You know, I don't profess to know more than the coaching staff. I regret giving you that impression. Bottom line is this. I have my own opinion as do you and I believe I'm entitled to state it.

If you don't agree with it, that's fine. Who say's I'm right. At least I have the courage to form my own opinion of the players that I pay to watch and the team that I pay to support.

Your statement that perhaps he has taken a couple years to develop makes some sense although I don't remember seeing anything quoted by the coaching staff or media to that effect. Whatever. We both have our own opinion on the matter.

Your comment about Braidwood didn't make much sense, but I understand that you were trying to be sarcastic. Whatever. Comparing that to the RB situation is like comparing apples and bowling balls. I've read some of your other posts and know that you know better than that, so knock it off.

As far as TC goes, I was serious. I was extending the olive branch or friendship or whatever the hell you want to call it. I thought it would be good to be able to place a name to a face and be able to talk about football one on one. You have to admit that a guy can say much more and cover way more ground in person than on here.

Anyway, pm me if you like or post on here and let me know.


My God, you are ignorant. First, you claim that anything written by the media is garbage, you don't believe in it, you don't form your opinions based on it, and you don't even read it. Then, you go ahead and diminish my comment that McClendon may have taken a couple of years to develop, because you don't remember reading a quote about it in the media? My God man, pull your head out of your ass, and wake up.

My comment on Braidwood made perfect sense. You're just too dense to see the analogy. You made the argument that it is a joke that McClendon is being given a serious look as the #1 RB, because if the Eskimos were serious about him, they wouldn't have brought in a former all star in his position, in Ranek. An absolutely perfect analogy is at the defensive line position. The Eskimos went out of their way to bring back Joe Montford. A proven all star in the league, effectively putting Braidwood on the bench. Is that because they weren't serious about the future of Braidwood, or his ability to one day take over the starters role? I would hope you know the answer to that one.

Continue to bash me all you want. I could care less. It is not the "media's" opinion that McClendon is the #1 RB at this point in time. It is the Edmonton Eskimos coaching staff's opinion that McClendon is the #1 RB at this point in time. The media is simply reporting on it. Keep calling it a joke. The only joke is the pedestal you put yourself on, as knowing more about football than Maciocia, because you "work with a former Eskimo". Get over yourself, dude. You aren't impressing anybody. The fact that you feel it is impossible for somebody to develop into a #1 RB, because he hasn't done it before, shows that you don't know much about anything, let alone football. If Ricky Ray was capable of being the starting QB for a team, why was he chewed up and spit out by the the Arena Football League, and delivering potato chips? I guess only someone that knows less about football than you do would ever think that this guy could develop into a starter, after failing to do so on several previous occasions.


I have to admit that I'm also still iffy on Maciocca. With all of the changes he's made for the team this year, it's make it or break it time for him. I obviously don't know who is going to win the starting RB role, its just that all signs seem to be pointing towards McClendon in my opinion. I respect your opinion that you believe in Ranek. I guess we'll see in a few weeks time once the rosters are finalized. And even then, we won't know if the coaching staff made the right decision until later in the season.

Either way, hopefully this disagreement hasn't created tension between us, we don't need fans of the same team to be against each other.

You struggle with reading comprehension eh larry. That's ok, I'll explain what I meant for you although I highly doubt you'll believe me. I'm sure I'll get accused of lying but whatever. Most posters on here will consider the source and lets face it, your reputation precedes you.

Not sure how you got the idea that I think I know more than the Eskimo coaching staff. Maybe because, gasp!!, I dared to question their faith in McClendon. If I knew more than them I'd obviously be coaching for a living somewhere. I never said I WORKED with a former player, I help out coaching a pee wee football team and he is one of the coaches. Do I need to repeat this one for you? No matter how you spin it, you don't get work with the guy. You should pull your head out of your ass and learn how to read. As far as that former player goes and I quote "They made a lot of changes and didn't get rid of the problem, Maciocia." That is his view, not mine. I offered that information as insight to back up my opinion. I notice you don't like to provide anything substantial to back up yours. You just like to have one.

Once again, I DO NOT THINK THAT I KNOW MORE THAN THE ESKS STAFF. I know that's how you want to interpret what I wrote but you are wrong.

I never stated that I don't read the media. I said I don't re-read stuff that is posted on here in lieu of personal opinion. I read the paper every day, listen to the call in shows and watch for any sports news I can get on the Esks on television. So when you make an idiotic comment about me saying that I don't read the media, that I think it's all garbage, that I don't believe in it and don't form my opinions on it. That's quite a stretch from simply stating that I believe we shouldn't take everything the media reports as gospel, don't you think? Of course not, that's not your style. You like to shoot from the hip without thinking that maybe, just maybe there are two sides to a story.

As far Montford goes, he started here an entire season before Braidwood was drafted. The Eskimos released him at the start of the year after they had claimed Anthony Collier in the dispersal draft from Ottawa. They anticipated Collier making the team and at the time were not sure if Braidwood would even report as he was exploring opportunities down south. Once he announced that he was reporting to camp that gave the team another option because he is, remember this term...a non import. Collier did not pan out and they were left thin on the line which opened the door for Braidwood. Montford was still around, unsigned and sitting waiting for the phone to ring when they called him. They brought him back to try and infuse some energy into the room as well as provide us with a pass rush. Working with Braidwood was a bonus. Unfortunately their first assesment was right and he could not compete at the same level. He was released again after about 4 games and Braidwood started the rest of the way.

 McClendon was brought in as an import free agent the year following Mike Pringle's retirement. At the time, the only RB's we had were Anthony White and Mike Bradley, a non import. They also brought in Elvis Joseph and Tim Blackwell. Blackwell was cut after a week and White injured himself on the first play of the pre season and was released a couple weeks later. They started the season with Joseph and McClendon as 1 and 1a as neither did anything to distance themselves from the other. As I mentioned previously, our running game was pathetic and they auditioned Michael Jenkins and Darhen Diedrick before finally getting Troy Davis from Hamilton. McClendon never saw the active roster again that season or last year until the last two games of the year. 

 I have my theory as to why he didn't play, but you have a point. He may not have been ready and needed time to develop. What I'm trying to point out is that there really is no similarity to the Braidwood situation. Montford was brought back to fill the hole left by Collier and to try and jumpstart the team. Braidwood's job was his to lose being a first round draft pick and Canadian. It was just a matter of time unless he was a complete bust.

Ranek, a free agent import was brought in to compete directly in camp with McClendon, another free agent import because of the inability of McClendon to secure the spot, our crappy running game the previous year and the fact Troy Davis was going to be a cap issue. Sorry, but have to disagree with the analogy dude. Theyr'e not the same thing.

 That said, McClendon has looked ok and I will be more than happy to cheer for him should the team decide that's the way they want to go. I really don't care as long as we have a productive running game that can keep the other defenses off balance and give Ray time to work.

 I have to go, but I'll finish addressing the rest of your post later. I definitely have a few more points to make.


My God, you are a long winded jackass. You said you coached with an ex Eskimo. I said you worked with an ex Eskimo. You are going to try and refute my point by splitting hairs? Is that the best you got? Pull your head out of your ass and get an adult to READ my post to you. My point still stands. Get off your pedestal, and trying to insinuate that you know so much about Eskimo football because you work with, coach with, live beside, or whatever, with an ex Eskimo. You aren't impressing anybody. Even if you don't like Maciocia, guess what? He is no longer the OC. A guy by the name of Chapdelaine, with a proven track record of success, is the OC. It will be his final say on who is the starting RB, and guess what? He also has McClendon on the inside track to start. It is obvious your opinion won't change. That has never been my goal. My goal was to simply point out to you that the opinion that McClendon COULD start for the Eskimos is not a "joke", and your constant insistance that it is a "joke" is pure ignorance and arrogance on your part. It is not only possible, but halfway through training camp, it seems very realistic. Hardly a joke. You are quite simply, once again, wrong.

As for the media comment, I simply found it ironic that you would be so hypocritical as to spend your first several posts bashing the media's "opinion" as being irrelevant (once it was pointed out to you that the "opinion" that McClendon could start for the Esks was backed up in a media article after interviewing the coaches), and then using a lack of media coverage on a comment I made, as a reason to argue against my point. Ignorant and stupid, but unfortunately, not surprising. You claim that I provide nothing to back up my opinion, and yet when multiple news articles quoting Eskimo coaches as saying that McClendon is pencilled in as #1 are given to you, you dismiss them out of hand. You back up your opinion by some mystery ex Eskimo that you coach with, who agrees with you. Hmmmm... who's back up carries more weight?

As for Montford/Braidwood, guess what buddy? They played the same position. Word it however you want, Montford was brought in to compete with Braidwood. Braidwood did not start for the weeks that Montford was in Edmonton; and did not get to be the full time starter until Montford was cut the second time. That is the definition of direct competition. It was NOT an indication that the Eskimos had no faith in Braidwood, just as it is NOT an indication that the Eskimos have no faith in McClendon because they brought in Ranek to compete with him. Not sure if you've only been following football for the past week, or if you're just plain stupid, but bringing in competition to training camp is standard procedure for football teams. To suggest that doing so means you have no faith in the incumbent, is once again, well, ignorant. Your logic is fried. Get off the drugs, dude. And grow up.

Cheers :thup: :thup:


Yet another media story, this time on TSN, just published today, that confirms that McClendon is the #1 RB in the Eskimos camp, at this point in time. I have highlighted the jucier parts. At a minimum, it would appear that esks123's original question if McClendon or Ranek is going to start for the Esks is a legitimate question, and hardly a "joke". You may dismiss the ever mounting media reports, and Eskimo coaches quotes, since they differ from your opinion, but McClendon certainly appears to have a very good chance. Of course, Ranek is not out of the running, and may very well win the starters role, but his chances are likely 50% at best, at this point in time.

(CP) - The third time, it seems, is the charm for Ron McClendon.

The amiable Louisiana native - nicknamed Goldie because of his gold front tooth - is in just his third training camp with the Edmonton Eskimos but finds his name atop the depth chart at running back. He's ahead of Josh Ranek, a three-time 1,000-yard rusher in the CFL, and six-year veteran Mike Bradley.

Even more impressive is McClendon has appeared in just 11 regular-season games with Edmonton. But while he has rushed for only 589 yards, McClendon does sport a stellar 5.7-yard average per carry and on Oct. 21, 2006 ran for 198 yards and a touchdown against Montreal, the second-best rushing performance in Eskimos history.

It was one of the few bright spots in a season that saw the Eskimos, the '05 Grey Cup champions, finish last in the West Division and miss the CFL playoffs for the first time in 35 years.

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''This is my third training camp here and you dream about that (being atop depth chart) happening, but it's just for training camp,'' McClendon said Tuesday. ''The job is still wide open.

''Mike Bradley is a veteran who I have a lot of respect for and who's a very good running back as well. Josh Ranek's resume speaks for itself and he's a warrior. So you've got to come out every day and compete. You've got to always have that in the back of your mind, that you're competing for a spot.''

And the sad truth is this is probably a make-or-break year for McClendon because it's very unlikely the Eskimos will start the season with both he and Ranek on the roster.

However, McClendon's vast potential was a big reason why in the off-season Edmonton released veteran Troy Davis, whose slashing running style helped the club capture the 2005 Grey Cup. And not only did McClendon, 26, report to training camp in stellar condition, by all accounts he has shown in practice that he's more than capable of being the club's starting tailback.

But McClendon and the other Eskimos are also all adjusting to a new offence set up by new co-ordinator Jacques Chapdelaine, who arrived in Edmonton in the off-season after helping the B.C. Lions capture the '06 Grey Cup.

So while adjusting to new formations, new schemes and new terminologies means for a lot of studying during training camp, McClendon can see now why B.C.'s offence was so prolific last year.

''I'll tell you, I love this offence,'' McClendon said. ''It's so wide open.

''I don't mean to take anything away from (B.C. slotback) Geroy Simon because he's a phenomenal athlete, but I think I can say 20 to 30 per cent of his success came as a result of this scheme because it is amazing. Someone's always open. (Eskimos quarterback) Ricky Ray is going to be phenomenal in this offence.''

Simon was named the CFL's outstanding player last year after leading the league in receiving with 105 catches for 1,856 yards and 15 touchdowns.<

McClendon, 26, was a double-threat at the University of Mississippi, excelling as both a running back and kick returner. In two years there after transferring from Butler Country Community College, McClendon ran for 709 yards on 151 carries and accumulated 706 yards on 33 kick returns.

McClendon signed with the Tennessee Titans as an undrafted free agent in 2004 but made his way up to Edmonton in September after being released by the NFL club. After spending the rest of the '04 season on the practice roster, McClendon started nine games in '05 and accumulated 816 all-purpose yards, however the Eskimos acquired Davis from Hamilton prior to their Grey Cup run.

A native of Ponchatoula, La., McClendon has decided to make Edmonton his year-round home. He works with the Eskimos sales department in the off-season and has become a diehard Oilers fan who counts Edmonton star forward Jarret Stoll among his close friends.

But also contributing to McClendon's new-found passion for hockey is his finance Jade Polonich, whose father Dennis is a former captain of the NHL's Detroit Red Wings.

''When Jade and I were dating in college she told he about hockey and how big it was in Canada and I sort of brushed it off,'' McClendon said. ''But when I got here, it was incredible.

''I know my future father-in-law played for Detroit, but I'm for Edmonton. When the Oilers made their run in the Stanley Cup (last year) Dennis and I had a bet on the first series against Detroit, which we won and I was able to get a couple cases of beer out of him for that.''

Ok let's put this to bed. You say grow up? Fine, then act like one yourself. This horse is already dead man, no matter how badly you want to keep beating it.

Your'e not going to be satisfied until you read the exact words even though I've already recanted and changed my opinion and agreed with you twice, you don't seem to be able to recognize that. So here you go.

When I said that it was a joke that McClendon was listed as the #1 it was a knee jerk comment and I should have chosen my words more carefully. I was wrong.

I regret my comments about the media. I was not actually trying to bash them, I was simply saying that we shouldn't always take everything written in the paper as gospel. That's it. That's all. Somehow it got taken out of context and you are now convinced that I have absolutely no use for the media. That's not the case. Youv'e twisted what I wrote, It's not that dark and devious. Honest.

The impression that you got about me dismissing multiple articles stating McClendon was the #1 was again not the impression that I was trying to give. I recognize how it came across. You are right when you say that all indications are Goldie could indeed be the #1 heading into the season.

You said that I was constantly insisting that it was a joke. I said that once and then recanted it twice, or at least I thought I did. Perhaps needed to choose the words more carefully again.

When I said that I had not read a specific comment by the coaching staff you take me to task as though I intentionally was trying to use it against you. It meant nothing more or less than what I said, and I agreed with you again in the same sentence. What's the issue?

I should not have mentioned that I coach football with an ex Eskimo. I was not trying to impress anyone. I was simply trying to show that I wasn't just pulling ideas out of my ass, that other people with extensive football experience share that point of view. Further to that, I never did say that I disagreed completely with the coaching staff. I repeat, I do not think that I know more than they do. I realize that my initial statements about it could be interpreted that way.

I honestly do disagree with the Montford/Braidwood analogy. Braidwood had already made the team. If I remeber correctly even Maciocia was quoted as saying they were bringing back Montford to try and inject some life into the pass rush. I'll take your word for it that Braidwood didn't start until after Montford was cut for the second time. I have to ask though, if it was the same thing why was Montford let go before camp even opened?

As far as the insults go, they aren't necessary or warranted. Just because you don't like my point of view doesn't mean that I'm wrong. I reserve the right to have an opinion about whatever I choose. Just because you call me some ignorant names doesn't make it any less valid. I respect your right to have an opinion, please respect mine.

Just so we're clear. In your first post on this thread, you suggested that McClendon starting for the Esks was a joke. You wrote several sentences about how he is too small (roughly same height and weight as Ranek), doesn't run North and South enough, isn't strong enough, if he was ever going to be the starter, he would have done it with Davis in town, you weren't really sure why he is still here, other than that he sells tickets in the off season, and to "trust you" that McClendon won't get any more touches than he did last season, and that the Eskimos will give the ball to Bradley before they give it to McClendon (was this a joke?)

In your second post on this thread, you dismissed the first of many media articles with "In the mind of Vicky Hall, anyway". You stated that you don't form your opinion based on what the media thinks (or apparently reports on what the coaches say, either). You dismissed the coaches saying that McClendon is pencilled in at #1 with "What do you expect them to say? We're keeping him around because he's great at selling tickets?" You went on and on for several paragraphs about how the Eskimo coaching staff does not have the confidence in McClendon to ever start him, and you even went so far as to state that it would not surprise you to see McClendon outright released.

In your third post, you spent the first paragraph describing why you have a problem with esks123 posting media articles, since he doesn't seem to have an opinion of his own. You then went on and on to back up your opinion that the coaches don't have the confidence in McClendon, since he didn't clearly beat out Joseph, and if they thought that McClendon had the potential to be #1, they never would have brought in Davis or Ranek. I will ask you now the same rhetorical question that you asked towards the end of this post... "So if your'e a betting man do you want to put your money on a proven starter and former all star in the league or on a guy who couldn't win the job when there was nobody else in front of him?"

In your third post on this thread, you stated that if McClendon does win the #1 spot, you will "have some serious doubts regarding the coaching staff and their evaluation of talent". You reiterated that it "baffled" you that McClendon would still be listed as #1 at this point. You then dismissed Maciocia's opinion that McClendon is the #1 RB in camp right now, because the ex Eskimo that you coach with would "get rid of Maciocia". You then, ONCE AGAIN, repeated your opinion with "I do think that it is a joke that McClendon is listed as the #1 right now even though he has not dressed for more than a half dozen games in the last two years for a team that struggled at RB. If he is that good, where was he?"

In your fourth post on this thread, you really didn't bring up McClendon at all, you just dismissed my comparison of the McClendon/Ranek competition to the Braidwood/Montford competition.

In your fifth post on this thread, you spent the first several paragraphs insulting me like the immature, ignorant punk you are. You then spent a very long paragraph, once again, outlining all the RB competition that McClendon has gone up against in his previous 2 years in Edmonton, and couldn't beat out. You finally started to soften your stance towards the end of this post by saying that you'd chear for McClendon if "that's the way they choose to go"

That finally brings us to your sixth, and most recent post on this thread where, realizing how wrong you were, you finally rescinded your comments. If you were to actually READ your previous posts on this thread, you would realize how consistent your opinion was that it was a "joke" to suggest that McClendon could be the #1 RB. You even repeated the statement in multiple posts, spread out over weeks. You never retracted your statement, even once, until your most recent post. Yes, you were wrong. Glad you finally see that. Perhaps, next time you throw out a rediculous "knee jerk" comment, you shouldn't stand behind your rediculous stand for weeks, and then wonder why people actually think you feel that way. Actually, I don't think it's a "knee jerk" reaction at all, when you repeat the exact same opinion, over and over again, over several posts, over several weeks, and each post is very long. But, whatever.


So who do you like to be the #2QB behind Ray?