RB's at Sask. Week 5

A dandy of a game with Ottawa coming in? - defense must make big plays of their own.
T. Harris vs M. Gale is with intrigue interest in passing. Go Riders

If your a Red black fan yes it probably will be a dandy of a game. If your a Rider fan, not so much. Blow out by the end of 3 quarters. I say we lose by 30 minimum. Red blacks have far too many weapons and far,far more then BC has. Harris will probably torch us to the tune of possibly 500 yards passing and 5 td's in the air alone.

I was thinking after the Edmonton game the defense was starting to get it together, the BC game we took a major step backwards on D. Our young secondary was exposed and I'm sure they will try their best but Harris is going to light them up like Times square on New Years eve. This game they may be forced to the 3 man front simply to try and help prevent it but I can't see it being effective. Williams, Senopoli, Ellingson is too many targets to contain.

I would say they should just call the league and forfeit and save Ottawa the trip but were not going to get better without the playing time. In the over and under take Ottawa to cover the point spread easily.

I also hope to see them work on the running game - we had nothing last game.

Don't count on it. Jones doesn't care for a good running game and it shows in what we have as RB's . Even though a decent running game would have meant BC would have to even think about the run. Instead they could pin their ears back and go full tilt bogie after Gale.

We went into the season with no plan to use the running game and now when it could really help we have none to use. Go figure.

Jones is an all or nothing kind of guy, an extremist in other words and its starting to show in how the team is being developed and how they play.

Actually I was a bit unfair to Jones on this one. I'm just so frustrated that we didn't have a potential threat brought in at RB when we knew full well we lost Messam and Allen.

Yes our running game was non existant in the last game but losing Labatte and not having Clarke in probably didn't give Jones at lot of confidence they would have any success. That said though even with both Labatte and Clarke in games we still have used the run very little and when we did it was very ineffective. That is what I'm frustrated with.

I probably should have worded it that the running game doesn't seem nearly as important to Jone as it has been in the past here. Now I'm not saying we should be bringing in a guy of Sheets calber because I doubt there is any available. Still even one that makes a defense think you could run the ball would be nice. I'm sorry but Steele and Walters do not put any fear in the defense.

If the Riders are going to win this one they'll have to score 50. Look at the matchup. Leagues most staggeringly powerful air attack against the only team in the league without a secondary.

The Riders could play really well and lose 60-35.

This total rebuilding is for the birds, l thought we were supposed to be at that stage where we just replace a few players every year to keep up with the calgary's and b.c.'s . Teams that keep the same coaches for 10 to 20 years. And here we are rebuilding again. That's what frustrates me, why can't we ever get it together ? Look at Ottawa, a second year team, and they are light years ahead of us.

I tend to agree. We replaced more players then any other CFL team has in one season. Perhaps there is a reason for others not to go so hog wild and I think we are showing the results of the experiment.

Yes the defense was garbage last year but that doesn't mean every player was. How many failed simply because of Cory's coaching and yet could do good under Jones? That we won't know because Jones when nuclear and blew everything up. Perhaps it may have been prudent to keep a couple and I do stress the word couple of players that played good last year even if the team didn't. At least give them a shot and if they didn't fit in or pan out then fine, cut them.

I just think Jones bit off more then he could chew if there was any hoep of having a competivie team this year or even possibly next. Oh sure in a perfect world you could pull this mass hack and slash and be very good. Of course we don't live in a perfect world.

I think Jones put too much stock in the players he brought in and now that some are showing they aren't no super stars either. So now we don't have a plan B and are pretty much stuck with going through the angst of watching what we have now. Which is probably going to be pretty hard to swallow for a lot of the fans. 2014, 2015, now 2016 and probably most of 2017 watching the team struggle is asking a lot. I know the previous years are not on Jones but still to the fans that have had to watch this it's a tough pill to swallow.

Yes in the very long run( 3-4 years) the way Jones did it may work out but that doesn't put butts in the stands now or in the next few years. With the economy being tough some may not be so keen to put hard earned dollars into watching this. No doubt that the new stadium will help but even that will lose its luster pretty quick. Restaurants and bars are now complaining they are losing money because of the team performance. That would probably be also said for hotels as I have heard more people are not staying over night from out of town but after a loss tehy are heading straight home. I'm sure the economy is not helping that either but I can't help think more would be more positive about sticking around with the team was winning especially at home .

Like I said in an earlier post, he may have won everywhere he's been, but he's never been here before. I'm sure he'll get there but were gonna wait till he gets there, this constant rebuilding is for the birds, if Jones is so good sign him for 5 years , like Wally , how long has he been in b.c. Now.

Good news is Cox should be playing…Secondary was doing pretty well until he went down. Well…in fairness it was more than him…when they dropped a half dozen starters including 2 NIs they were forced to keep Campbell in the secondary…I am not sure he is or ever will be ready for that…I should rewatch the game though, because I know that on at minimum 1 time he was “burnt” he was rotating up as he should and the Safety did not cover his deep spot…so perhaps it is Francis that made Campbell and even perhaps McDonald look bad…as I said earlier, I would like to see Campbell at safety. Francis has a PILE to learn as a new safety…and some of these schemes are VERY reliant on safety reads…so yeah…i should rewatch it lol. They became pretty limited in options because I believe the DL gets 2 designated imports, and 2 WRs…kinda forces their hand in the secondary when they lose that many guys…the ever critical importance of starting 8 NIs shines through! McDonald also looked really bad in there. It is so hard to get a new to CFL player to play DB…they are generally meant to play CB for a year or 2…obviously they had hopes his experience would let him play the spot but it doesn’t seem like it. This secondary desperately needs Brooks back…Brooks/Cox/Jackson is a pretty good secondary…Gainey holds his own but would be the weak link in that…I just can’t see this secondary holding up to the redblacks…especially if they do more of the cover 0 again…in game 1 I said we wouldn’t see it much until game 3…did we ever see it in game 3…but the secondary is not ready…or wasn’t last week anyways. I guess I can actually see cover 0 being more successful against the redblacks though…they like the underneath stuff and it makes getting a lot tough in that respect…Jennings did a good job of dropping back as fast as he could, launching it and taking the hit…but that is not really the RBs style…so the D might actually do better. Best chance to beat a cover 0 is exactly what BC did with the rollback and deep pass into a makeshift secondary (well…2 players in it anyways…the 2 targeted) .

It sounds like DD is actually okay to go…I think a big part of that decision will be the status of LaBatte and Clark though. LaBatte is going through standard protocol…doesn’'t sound like either will play

TSN says he isn't. Frankly even if he was "ok" I would sit him especially if Labatte or Clark are a no go. I probably still would even if they were in. Take the lumps of another loss and let Gale get some real playing time, that way we will at least have an idea if he could be someone to invest time in or keep on searching.

If our defense had it's act together I may consider using Durant if he was cleared but until they do it's kind of pointless taking a risk on Durant getting re injured. Let him sit this one and see who is healthy the week after.

DD is good to go....not saying he will play...but he is. Like I said...will strongly be dependent on the OL and it is not healthy...so he wont play. He is not at 100% but good to go. it is the right move not starting him.

Sask has to win this...they just have to.

Why is that?

in order for any QB to succeed they need a good healthy O-line in front of them, which at the present time we don't have. 1 rookie who hasn't been to training camp and 1 makeshift centre ?
it doesn't matter if its Durant, Gale or whoever, no O-line no success,
the best defence is an offense, that can move the ball and burn up the clock, because if you don't have the ball you cant score. as of now we are a 1 dimensional team, we have no running game but that is attributed to our O-line being banged up,
the way that the depth chart currently reads is that we have 5 starting O-line men with 1 backup and 4 starting D-line men with 4 backups ?
I'm not a fan of having only 1 O-line backup.

And Hazime was cut too. Jones' offensive defensive lineman. And a Canadian. Wonderful roster management.

Not really. this is a pass first team. how much have they been running? 8 or 10 times per game maybe? maybe a 1/4 of their O plays…if that. Jones has stated the reason that they are doing this is to take advantage of the PI and contact rules…pretty much every team started saying this last year. Don’t get me wrong…I don’t like it and the team needs to be rushing at least 50% more than they are…good OL or not…because that helps keep LBs forward…I have said it several times…I feel that at this moment the OC is a downgrade…though I by no means hate how he approaches things…just not what I would ideally like to see.

For the DL depth VS OL depth…most teams only 44 one backup on OL…sometimes 2…you sometimes 2 3 on the 46 but one generally wont 44. The Riders would be dressing +2 right now with St John…but 3 starting NI OL down…what do you do? That is tough for any team to do a pile about. Fortunately Picton had a really good camp and I actually thought he might push Clark for a job…but really…how often do you see the need for more than 1 backup in a game? Pretty rare…it just sucks more at the moment because there are 2 green guys at LG so it would be nice to have a 2nd available…
You are always going to see guys like Jones or Steinauer dress a little heavier on the OL because they do more rotations than most teams…I personally like having more dressed on the DL because it can be so important to have a bit left in the legs late.

I liked that they went for Hazime. It was a nice look during a rebuild that offered some versatility but looks to have not panned out. He has played pretty well...but at the end of the day:
...St John is signed now, so once LaBatte and Clark are back next week, and Best in 2 weeks...there is no need for him on the OL...
...They brought in Mrabure after camp off of BC and he is now up to speed and an upgrade
... Ainsworth is going to be back in a couple weeks...one would hope...he should be practicing next week...or is allowed to anyways
...Hazime is likely sticking around town for a bit and is but a phone call away

So yes, actually....it is good roster management on this one. Hazime is by no means a dud...no calling him an allstar...so if you move away from a respectable player because you have upgraded...that is a very good thing...this teams NI depth was disgusting last year and is starting to shape up some...that is not an over night process...You win in the CFL with quality NI players 1st, a good QB 2nd, fill the rest. Buying NIs in the FA season is not maintainable...growing it takes a bit of time...I think this is all heading in the right direction long term...of course there are going to be big pains right now....should be worth it....

look long term
....if St John pans out at OT that is 4 NI on the OL...if nothing else he should be a solid OG
....I really think Grondin can grow into a guy who takes meaningful reps down in time
....Jury is still out on Campbell...but his burst is amazing...so if the safety thing comes together and lets him play his role properly he could be a NI starter in the secondary...or at least good reps. Rewatching some of that game I really don't think the busts on him were on him.
....Demski/Bagg are the foundation of NI receivers for a few years to come...Chambers fits alright as well...but I think Stanford is the guy to watch....I really believe this guy could pan out to be a go to guy.

That is a nice foundation of NIs starting to shape up...moving forward into 2017 I would think a NI DT will be a focus...that would put them over 7 ratio starters...long shot it could be 9....so huge to pull off 8-9 NI starters/meaningful reps players...adds so many options beyond the base of permitted designated imports

I am kind of jacked about seeing Stanford. I hope he gets some reps...not often I am too pumped to see a rookie NI receiver for the first time

The riders could give gale the start and let did sit, they need to have adequeate backup, no one wants to get rid of Durante, we just need to have a second q.b. Who can get the job done, like Tate, or Lully, Burris, we need that to succeed , you can't rely on you no. 1 never getting injured , Burris and cavil love we're pretty tough and lucky , but that's not realistic.

Not really. this is a pass first team. how much have they been running? 8 or 10 times per game maybe? maybe a 1/4 of their O plays...if that. Jones has stated the reason that they are doing this is to take advantage of the PI and contact rules...pretty much every team started saying this last year.

If you have to rely on a PI call to move your offense you should be fired. Any coach that says this as an excuse for not running are admitting they don't have the ability to win on their own and should be ashamed of themselves. As I said and you have confirmed it that Jones couldn't care less about a running game and the lame *** backs we have right now proves it.

Look at Calgary they haven't stopped running the ball and why? because they have at back that can dominate. This opens up the passing game so much more as the defensive back field must respect that run and play closer to the line in case Messam breaks through and they need to help out. If the defensive backfield starts creeping up too much then your acceptable to the deep ball. The secondary starts dropping off the line and back to the ground game you go. Balance, balance, balance on both sides of the ball is key to success. Look at 2013 and having Sheets, defenses feared our run game and that open up the big pass plays so much more. Start backing off and here came Sheets down main street often chewing up serious real estate.

"Oh we are hoping the refs call a PI." Makes me want to f****** puke.What an embarrassment.
Make your own fate, don't rely on the rules or refs to do it for you. If you don't have the ability to do that then you should be gone. I swear if I was an owner and a coach said anything remotely like that they wouldn't be a coach the next day.