RB's and the blue team

we now have 7 players under the RB position in Lumsden, Caulley, Williams, Bagwell, Radlein, Dickerson, and Piercy. Logic says atleast 2 are dealt or cut, maybe 3. I'm guessing we keep Caulley, Williams, Lumsden, Dickerson and Piercy, that takes up alot of NI room on the roster, although i would prefer Rads over dickerson or piercy. just wondering what is with the recent trades with the blue team as well, usually teams don't trade with such a close rival so much.

I'll take Dickerson over Rads..
He Catches Better then Rads.
Rads has lost a Step
He no longer a Threat on the goalline
he was at one time

Rads a much better blocker.

Could Rads beef up a bit to play some O-Line?

They have him listed at 245.
Probably needs to be 260ish.....maybe?

I think Rad will be one of our 1st Cuts
If he is not traded 1st

We also have a Canadian tight end,Robert Pavlovic,from the U. of S.Carolina, whom we drafted in 2007. Obie says your imports should be starters, so it seems to me that Dickerson would be on the bubble.Lots of Canadian running backs means depth for injuries(Lumsden?)and special teams.I am curious to know what the future considerations are. Perhaps a late round draft choice.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

Dickerson is a Taaffe favorite, and is not going anywhere.

Pavlovic is a player who a lot of Ticat fans have forgotten about, who may have a significant impact as a rook in Ticatland in 2008.

Argos and Cats have traded more than any other two CFL teams.