RBK CFL uniforms

I will be making similar posts throughout different boards, I apologize if some are annoyed by this. On my personal site http://www.freewebs.com/mcmanusfan I have taken all the RBK designs and changed them, hopefully for the better. If anyone is interested, visit the site. I am interested to hear people's opinions on what I did.

Once again theses are brutal it looks like a 2 year old colored them. :lol:

Want my opinion? Lay off the Heroin...

these are terrible.

don't quit your day job.

haha i was going to say the same thing earlier but wanted a few other opinions first.

They can play night games without lights, the unis will light up the stadium!! Go back to the drawing board... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Fine then. Why don't you try and come up with something better? And expose it to everyone? Paint is a program that limits your capabilities. If I had a better program I would use it. The colours wouldn't actually be as bright as they appear on my designs. It was an enjoyable experiment, but I can understand people not liking the finished look. So, how's this: Anyone who hates my jerseys should make their own to show what is wrong with mine. Is that fair? Or, I would be happy for specific input and suggestions.

There is nothing wrong with the jerseys the way they are now. We keep seeing pro teams switch jerseys, often to the chagrin of most fans. How many teams in the NHL have god-awful jerseys? I would put that number to at least 20, so that means two-thirds of the jerseys are sh.itty. There is no reason to make change just for the sake of making changes.

the only things i MIGHT change, are :

-hamiltons black home jersey, by simply changing the yellow v-neck to black.

-ottawa's home jersey, adding a little bit of gold.

future Quebec-city jersey:

future Halifax jerseys:

Those are good. Is the CFL really interested in both Halifax and Quebec City? I didn’t realize they were legitimately considering Quebec. (I apologize if my earlier post came off as unnecessarily sarcastic. But I did spend some time on them.)

QC is basically a guarenteed 30k a game if they set up a franchaise there. also i could see halifax being white with (baby blue lol) trim along the shoulders and stripes down the side of the pants. aka Halifax Schooners.

the name Schooner's wouldnt work with the redskin's colour (although i think it's a good change fo colour in the league).

i love those quebec ones.

if halifax is baby blue, they would look the same as the QC team, which is certain to go with baby blue, like the old nords did.

can't have argos, QC, Halifax and winnipeg all wearing blue...plus the als 3rd jerseys.

I agree with the above statement that the amount of blue jerseys in the league wouldn’t work if QC and Halifax had them as well. I think QC should go with the same colours as the University team there (Laval Rouge et Or) since it will probably be the Stade Peps that will be renovated to hold 25-30,000 so they both will be sharing it. Therefore red and gold for QC (remember that this is the Quebec City team, not the province of Quebec team, which was what the Nordiques were in the WHA, that’s why they used the colours and sybols -fleur de lis- from the Quebec flag). I think that Halifax will have a team name denoting maritime heritage (whether it’s Schooners or something else), but instead of blue, they should use Aguamarine as their main colour (and either white or silver as their secondary colour). These colour choices would make both teams look unique in the CFL (which is the whole point of team colours) and we won’t have most of the east division with blue uni’s.

take god, another preson how agrees with me about Ottawa adding gold, athough if their is no QC team, I hope that Halifax is Black and Blue, becase your pic, sry Dgod, makes Halifax or Atlantic look like the Red***** of the NFL.

Once again theses are brutal it looks like a 2 year old colored them.
LOL!!! Drummer, I'm LOVING the QC one, HELL YEAH!!!

I think either Quebec or Halifax should go with something ressembling the Quebec Remparts' jersey, which is very nice looking, except I'd switch that black for burgundy.


rob35, as an Als fan, I have absolutely no desire to see the Montreal jersey change. I like them just the way they are (well... the red and the blue one).

i’d like to see RBK make these popular hats, with simply, the CFL team colour and logo.


instead of black, make it red, and replace the RBK logo on the front, with a white stamps logo ( keeping the RBK logo on the side )…sask logo green, argo logo blue.etc…

the reason why i was sugesting halifax take the while and baby blue was because if they geta team, 95% chance there gonna be called the schooners, the provincial program is based off the "schooners" and its the #1 symbol that recognizes the province. the only other name i could think of would be "kingfishers" but that sackville nova scotia, suburb of halifax thats reknown for kingfishers. which their colours would be redish/orange, with white and black.

but in all honesty, schooners will most likely be there name if they get a CFL team, and the schooner colours are baby/royal blue with white, and a outline in black. (reverse colours for away)

White wil aways be the univeral color of the away team, and IMO, shouldn't be considered a choice for a team's colors (Calgary and Saskatchewan have broken this "rule", shame on them, but their colors have eveloed into Red and Black, and Green and Black over the years.), how about Blue and Black???

I think some of you remember back in July when I provided several links to my website with my own take on the CFL jerseys. Anyways, the response was not universally positive, and a common refrain was that they looked like a two-year old coloured them because I was using Paint. Those designs took me about a week. So, after reading post after post of the designs being called "unprofessional" and the like I set about redoing them, sometimes with major structural alterations. These revisions look perhaps 10 times more convincing than their predecessors. The areas where I made colour alterations, again, no longer look like a two year old coloured them. This took me several weeks to complete, and it shows. I also made structural alterations, in some cases based on helpful suggestions from other posters (example: a touch of gold on the Ottawa jerseys.) Also, for an overall more convincing look, my redesigns have a palette much less bright. Some of the jerseys, like the red Calgary one, looked incredibly unconvincing with the bright red I used. I remembered reading a post saying my uniforms would not need any lights to be seen in a stadium at night! I hope these new editions, only finished last night, are met with more approval. (This is sort of a weird hobby, isn't it?) If you revisit my earlier efforts on the site now, I think now you are well in your rights to burst out laughing about how silly and messy they look. But my new ones are not like that. Any comments would be appreciated. Please see


Thank you.