RB Martell Mallett???

On June 6, 2012, Mallett tore his Achilles tendon during training camp. He underwent surgery within 48 hours of his injury, and did not play in the 2012. What is his status for this coming season 2013??? Does anyone know?

Call your Doctor !! :stuck_out_tongue:
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No real news. Although it is a serious injury they are able to do amazing things with injuries now. Can only hope he is back.

I'd rather have Avon. We know what he can do, and he was greatly under used last season.

I'd expect the Cats to go with a Mallett/Walker combination. While I believe Avon is still a good player, the team has been trying to push him out the door. Mallett's return will make it an easy decision for them. Plus, Mallett and Walker would be an exciting, young combo to watch.

This is a position I'm not sure about. I would like to see Avon back and he is under contract. He signed a 2 year deal last year. I'm not impressed with Walker. He gave up IMO after his injuries and Avon taking his job. Mallet is a unknown at this point as he has not played in a long time.

Avon is still a good player, the team has been trying to push him out the door.
was the team trying to push him out or was it Cortez?

Why would you push anyone out before training camp? Let them all show up and the best player play. Cutting before may only benefit the player if he can get picked up by another team prior to training camp. (like what just happened to Prefontaine) But if we want to build a winner then let the open competition begin. Sign anyone and everyone you can, then cut as needed. I don't think there is a league limit to the number of players you start with in training camp. It's the logistics of giving everyone a real opportunity to showcase. If it's an issue of numbers to be able to evaluate, then bring in more guest coaches in the areas where there is more competition. If it's the running backs, then bring in some help to evaluate them. Same with the DB's since we'll should be bringing in a crap load to compete.

The TC's should learn from last years mistake of releasing Avon early then eating humble pie to get him back. Good thing he was willing to do so and what a year he had once Cortez realized what he had. A little too late IMHO. At his age he still can compete, he's healthy and wants to play. So whether it's one more year or 5 it should not matter. Maybe use him to coach the running backs when he's done playing.

My money is on Terry Grant! Fastest of them all!

Father Time. He's the ultimate hard-ass.

Training camp rosters are set at 68 plus all non-counters (i.e. draft picks and two additional players not selected in the current draft year).

There is no such thing as "open competition" for CFL roster positions. Teams are forced to include a minimum of 20 non-imports on the 42 man active roster, regardless of whether the non-imports are capable of legitimately earning roster positions through open and fair competition with all other available candidates for those positions.

You don't need to spend $150,000 (Cobourne's reported salary) to get a capable, productive feature back if you scout and recruit properly. Chad Kackert, Grey Cup MVP, earned a reported $50,000 last season.
We've seen various CFL teams shed high-dollar running backs lately even though they could still play. There's just too many talented, capable backs in the supply chain willing to play for less money.

Grant's a free agent. There is no guarantee that he'll be back and no one knows if he'll ever play again after the injury he suffered.

If Avon isn't back as a running back, I think he might make a good RB coach. He could could coach all aspects of the position and teach how to trash talk. :slight_smile:

I think Mallet might be a little injury prone. Who knows if he'll ever recover to his 2009 form? Chevon Walker should be converted to a receiver. He's not tough enough to bust through tight holes but imagine what he could do with his speed in the open field. Him and Williams would tear up the opposing DBs.

Avon should still be the first choice. He's got a lot left in the tank and is supremely tough. Just his winning attitude and presence is enough to inspire the other guys.

I'd go to war with a player like Avon; unfortunately, me thinks Avon will become a SMS casualty

Canadian QBs eligible to play in the CFL that season are now also considered as non counters