RB Jobs there for the taking

In Toronto I think that Milanovich sees that having just one RB ready to start is not enough.
RB spot in that offense is so important that he will need to have 2,3, or even 4 round the roster ready at anytime.
Coombs was the number one on their draft board for good reason. As they say the don't wana put too much on his plate but he has the ability.
Already talking about phasing out Owens in the return game Coombs a great returner in the CIS as well and unlike a new return specialist from the states he knows the rules. Cana see him being the second RB on the roster as a chage up back while returning Kick Offs and FG misses.
Having two on the 46 man roster and dressing one import is likley going to happen. Could keep a third on the 9 game IR for a fresh body for the second half of the season.

Winnipeg has a couple of guys that would likley go along with Will Ford. From their Canadian side it is time for Volney to show something to give the Bombers a reason to keep him.
I like rookie FA Errol Brooks. not a lot of wear and tear on his body from University and being a rookie FA would likley accept a PR spot to start off the season.

Sakatchewan will begin their auditions this week in its first pre season game.
They have a very similar situation as Toronto. Nice mix of experiences manynot playing last season so who will be fresh.
Seems like everyone needs to at least be grooming a Canadian TB the Riders have a kid from the Toppers who would also be a good idea to keep around on the PR to start the season and work him up like Newman, Zack Evans, Dan Clarke to name a few of the Junior players that have become solid CFL players.

Coombs is special...really sad to see him leave the Bisons! But last night saw 6 Manitoba Bisons on the Field in Bombers and ARGOS GAME...Makes me proud!!! Anthony will do well good pick by TO

Steve Slaton, i thought looked good last night for the Argos.

Lots of options at RB indeed.

In Ottawa, Walker is going to start, but if he doesn't improve on his blocking his starting job could be lost again.

Rookie imports that will be fighting for back up spots at the very least are:

  • Michael Hayes( University of Houston)
  • Eric O'Neal (Coastal Carolina)
  • Recently signed DJ Harper (Boise State)

The Depth of good RBs at each camp is likely do now that less and less players in general are not coming to the CFL unprepared. More and More players are coming to the CFL from the states with a lot better knowledge of the CFL and those who don't are pretty much gone right away.

A lot likley to do with the NFL Network begin to pick up coverage of the CFL in 2011 to where there has been full coverage in the states last two seasons. Plenty of networking I am sure are going on from former NCAA or NFL teamates who have made the move to the CFL. CFL is solidly based as the 2nd best option to the NFL and Arena Football league has become a breading ground for CFL players

I can see why the Argos wanted him so bad. Owens is going to be stepping aside from his returning role and Coombs can come right in andbegin the tranfer and from th NI part of the roster is huge.
They will be starting an Import at RB but Coombs for sure will fill a perfect role as a second RB Change up guy.
There wana going to keep him up right and healthy for years to come so there is no need to overload him like they did with Kackert at RB or like Owens playing every down on offense and all returning.