RB Controversy

On Global sports tonight they showed a clip from practice with whally and Smith. News implying that one of the 2 backs will be moved soon?

Joe Smith vs Stefen Logan. Not many teams employ a 2 back system. Smith would certainly get alot of attention if he was offered up. However it was Global that implied strongly that there was issues ....

The one that doesn't play up to expectations.......

i doubt one will get moved wally says if theres good players he ll make space 4 them so i think they ll both be in lions jerseys this season

Its the old Import / Non Import ratio. If we could keep both, that would be a bonus.

In the province today - Logan is out and Smith is back in and will be starting this week against the AL's

No controversy.

Logan knows he'll get another shot.

Joe Smith


The ball (so to speak) is in Smith's Court. Its either perform or be replaced by Logan. Should beinteresting tonight.

Joe has earned the position, and there is a bit of respect placed on "seniority" even in pro-sports. Unless Joe wasn't getting the job done game after game, they aren't just going to toss him because his backup came in and was....um, spectacular. Hopefully "Joystick" can be utilized somehow, somewhere because he is a joy to watch & has great talent. Joe is a pretty talented guy too and has done his magic many times to contribute to wins.

Here's an interesting tidbit on Logan from the game notes:

The Lion's all-time individual record for yards rushing in a debut game is held by Larry Keys who racked up 184 with 3 TD's back in '78. Logan challenged that mark a few weeks ago in his CFL debut with 143 yards on 18 carries (including a 66 yard gain in the second half to set up a score). Larry set the mark against Winnipeg as did Stefan and both games were on July 11th - exactly 30 years apart to the day!

To me this is just like the Crandell / Durant situation. Crandell will get the start because no player should lose his starting role because of a minor few weeks injury. Same thing goes for Smith, he will start because he won't lose his job because of a minor injury like that. Though i would not be surprised if both Smith and Crandell will have short leashes because there are very capable people behind them.

it will be joe smith as they need him for those 3 down and goal tuchdowns, were logan is too small for that.but logan would be great on opening up the field with his quick speed, or maybe even helpnig ian smart on kick off returns.

Joe Smith bettwe nto get switched, he is a REALLY good rb, like his run of friday all the way to the other td.

Wait, im confused, ian smart ran all the way to the other touchdown on friday right? But I though ian smart was there rb?

Ok what do you mean by moved? Switched to another team, or a new position?