RB Concerns?

yea i say armstead on returning kicks, he wasnt that far behind holmes last year.

armstead will make many people in riderville forget all about holmes....and henri childs could be available shortly, he would be more durable than keith....

I know that was his role... Im just stating what Danny Barrett said...

Armstead and Dorsey will be back returning kicks, it will be Armstead's job though as was the case with Holmes last year. Armstead is equally as dangerous as Holmes, but I'll never forget him.

Holmes had an inspirational speach with the Ticats after an altercation at practice reminding the players to play as a team and respect one another. It doesn't get any better than that.

It is nice to have someone other then Armstead to do kicks.

I am not saying he can't return any at all. But it is still a luxury to have somone other then one of your best recievers back there to return kicks. That way he doesn't get too tired from having a big run back every time, prior to beginning an offensive drive ( when he needs to go out and make some more plays )

I am not so enamored of Szarka, although he is dedictaed to the community. if another team made a decent offer for him I would jump at the opportunity. give hathaway and Bracey his touches. he blew it on the goal line and on short yardage too many times last year. and I think Rider fans give him more credit than he is due...

The guy never gets a chance to touch the ball except on short yardage. If gets more touches in a game he really heats up and is goods for 5 yards or more a carry.

Szarka and a 1 yard gain = given

I seem to remember some short yardage that he did not make lastyear....

Our offence is going to be hell for the opposeing defences now, we have 3 good, effective running backs, 4 if you coun't KJ. And with the moves made in the offence we now have a pretty good reciveing corps. If they can mix up the plays and mabey surprise someone this year it's goin to be the greatest show on CFL turf


i think Keith answered this question in spades!!! 127 yard in the first half only!! if he stays healthy he leads the league in rushing.

But again thats a huge 'IF'!!!

I dont thik hell lead the league in rushing, i dont think he will...

Well Szarka makes most of the 3 and 1's but everyone misses some, but to the more important thing, I think Condell is going to utilize szarka more, he is a hell of a blocker and him leading a run for kk up the middle will be very nice to see, something we saw once a game if lucky with bellefielle, but anyway, and like the game against montreal last year, Szarka proved that he can bring on the pain and do some damage, and he got some good yardage for us. I will always remember the screen play to Szarka for a touchdown, i can't remmeber what game it was last year but anyways thats my view on Szarka! :lol:

I was impressed with Keith's plays the second game. He has more opportunity to gain yards, and did. I would agree that if he plays every game he could very well lead the league.

I hope to see Szarka run the ball more on more than a one yard play. Like you said the game against Montreal last year was great. Szarka had more yards in that game than the rest of the season combined, and he showed he was good for more than 3rd and 1.

Kenton Keith might be one of the most overrated players in the league in my opinion. But he is a serviceable runningback. Losing Holmes definately hurt but Dorsey looks good and if given a shot might suprise alot of people.

I agree 100%, which is why I started this thread before the season started. KK is good for a break out play for a touch down running 50 yards plus, or will be stopped for a gain of one or two. We need a RB that can be solid gaining 6 or 7 so we can move the ball.

Put Dorsey in.

KK is good for a break out play for a touch down running 50 yards plus, or will be stopped for a gain of one or two.
The same thing was said about barry sanders. KK with punish the teams with weak run defences.