RB at Riders

I am surprised no topic started here. But after watching this game, one has to wonder. Well here are my thoughts.

As much as I like Glen, he moved the ball, but could not get it done in the red zone. I am starting to push for BB more so now, I am sure he would of put a few in the end zone. Our O line needs lots of work, can't protect our QB's and can't make a hole for a RB. If this kind of play continues, we won't make first round of play-offs.

Our D played well for the most part, but that last drive and penalties killed us last night along with lack of touchdowns. Deron Carter needs to be sat down about that stupid penalty he took. Don't get me wrong he had one hell of a night. I am starting to wonder about this team, when you think they got it together, they blow it. I sure hope they learn from this... but me thinks not!! We are a team that is just short of the finish line. JMO ???

One year ago we were a young team with a revolving door of so many players being tried out that nobody dared buy a numbered jersey. Fast forward to today where we are likely going to finish 3rd and secure a playoff spot. We were horrible prior to Jones and Murphy. Horrible. Now we're going in the right direction, but we are still young and our immaturity shows at times. It really showed last night. That being said, Chris Jones took much of the blame for this loss himself when he spoke to CKRMs guys post game. He didn't have them prepared for a fake punt scenario, and he didn't put in his best offensive package (Bridge) to score in the red zone. Six FGs is unacceptable (good for Crapigna tho). Jones also failed to run the ball late to kill the clock. I think Jones is always evaluating players to the point that sometimes he loses sight that he needs to just rely on old fashioned football play calling basics to seal the deal. That's on him no doubt and he is saying those things are on him. No problem there. I would be very worried (and pissed off) if he wasn't at all self aware in those areas. It still sucked to be sitting in the stands and watch the game slide away. Another sellout crowd went home very disappointed.

Thinking more about it today, I would rather we brain fart away a loss like last night NOW and take that learning headed towards playoffs - vs give away a win later on when it really counts. We will grow and benefit from this.


Good post. Agree on all points. I think Glenn's leash just got a lot shorter.

Well the good thing is BC lost today making it possible to clinch a playoff berth next week with a win or BC loss. The bad thing is Winnipeg won today and second is out of the question.

Yeah, it's going to end up coming down to the last game against Edmonton for either 3rd or 4th and I'm kinda torn if I want them to win or not. You hate to go into the playoffs on a loss but going to Winnipeg then Calgary if we won doesn't sound that great either.