Ray's injury

From what Ricky Ray said, it doesn't sound too bad. That's good news. Having the bye-week is good. Hopefully the two weeks off will be enough time.

Of course, if it does turn out to be more serious, he should sit. No sense throwing him out there with the way this team is playing.

[url=http://www.edmontonsun.com/sports/football/2010/08/16/15034831.html]http://www.edmontonsun.com/sports/footb ... 34831.html[/url]

Having a bye week will do him wonders I'm suprised he hasn't been badly injured so far this year , lets hope he can stay healthy the rest of the way I hope he's still playing when the team makes their way to Empire.

Edmonton vs Toronto Sept. 26th at Moncton;
Jared Zabransky vs Cleo Lemon :thup: Ahh, Ricky Ray will likely be healthy by then.

The X-rays on Ray revealed nothing broken; bruising in the chest, collarbone area. Following the bye week break, our #1 pivot is day to day.

That's some good news. :thup:

On the subject of injuries, does anyone have any news about Stamps?

Can't find any updates on Stamps. However, the Esks have him listed on the Injured list but not the 9 game list. Being a dislocated shoulder injury, IMO I can't see him back until Sept.10th vs Calgary at Commonwealth?

Well, there's no rush, really... not like we're battling for first. :lol: