Ray's injuries more serious than first thought....

…I mean, he should be getting a CATscan after making a statement like this:

“They’re a good football team, but they’re not that good,” said Ray.

[url=http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/Comedy+errors/3487499/story.html]http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/C ... story.html[/url]

…in two games an aggregate score of 108 to 20 equates to the stamps not all that good?..hopefully the brain swelling goes down by Friday…

but you do have to admit that the Esks pretty much gave the Stamps everything and anything they wanted (to the point that I think Kelly Campbell is secretly on the Stamps payroll! :wink: ).
Even so I think you read it the wrong way... It's not a dis against Calgary, it's a shot at his own team. In essence what RR is saying is that the Esks played the Stamps about as poorly as possible. IF (and yeah it's a big one), if the Esks had mustered some fight and put together some consistency chances are the Stamps would still have won, but not in laughers like that.

edit-- think of it this way... "They're a good football team, but we made them look even better."

...RR is not prone to locker-room clipping material so I think what you have put forward here must be the case...

Yeah, after the pounding he took thanks to a non-existent OLine I don't think RR would be saying anything to antagonize the team he's going to be facing in a few days time!

I use to think Ray was overpaid LOL ! He's really earning his money these days...

The comment is a little curious for Ray. It could also be frustration. But I agree with him to a point... A lot of times the Esks do get in their own way. Some of the collapses at the start of the season are perfect examples.

That said, I think Calgary is that good. If you look, Calgary is quietly building up quite the record right now. The Stamps stand at 8-1, two solid games ahead of every other team, and I imagine that gap will continue to widen. The Als may be the defending champs, but the Stamps are the team to beat right now.

A backhanded slap to his won teammates and coaches perhaps, the first rumblings of 'trade me out of this nightmare please', won't be long before the stars start to turn on each other, then they will have no choice but to purge a few, happens all the time in sports.

The Edm roster took a beating with injuries in that Calgary game. Ray himself took quite a beating, seeming to get hit on every play. Edm is shooting themselves in the foot. A couple of early I losses were the result of huge drops by the recievers, something as a bomber fan I have seen first hand. Ray has put the ball in his receivers hands, they're just not holding on to it. Early on vs Cal Barnes had a couple of drops that really killed any momentum Edm could've built. A couple of years ago, Campbell, Stamps, Mann, and Peterson were a solid group. This year Mann's gone, Peterson's hurt, Campbell and Stamps, before his injury, were dropping balls.

That said, I just don't get the coaching out there. Everyone seems to be in love with Zabransky, but aside from running the ball outta the pocket, he doesn't seem capable yet to run the offense. The swapping of Ray and Zabransky in games early on in the season is ridiculous to me. It's one thing to get a young guy some snaps, but I'm not a fan of the random in game swaps of quarterbacks. It makes it harder for either QB to get in a rhythm with the offense, and with different quarterbacking styles it requires further changes in protection schemes and playcalling. And it seems like Zabransky has turned the ball over more than he's moved the ball down the field. I don't think you can be successful with that approach and to me thats not a creative coach, but an indecisive one.

Don't kid yourself... those in the know aren't selling the farm for him yet. We know that he's got 2-3 years before he's ready (if he even gets to that point).

This is what I believe he actually meant--

"They're a good football team, but we are not that good"...

Edmonton has too many guys that are there for the paycheque, they don't care wether they win or lose.


think of it this way,

you think Ray would admit to the media that his team sucks?

that his team just can't do it?

it's like when they ask a guy "so, do you think you have a chance to win today?" you think he's gonna say, "no I don't think so.."

Thing is, he's right.

Calgary is the class of the league. No question in my mind. But are they so much better that a 56-5 blowout is an accurate gauge of their dominance as a football team? Not in my humble opinion.

Interesting, I've always liked Ray. The Eskies are going to remember this loss come a time in the future when they can return this favour. That's sports.

Or, conversely, the Stamps remember the 38-0 licking the Esks laid on them not all that long ago.
Ah, the Karmic wheel! :wink:

It's not karma. That has nothing to do with defeat and loss in football. Now if you had said revenge, that would be correct.