Ray's back

Good news for the Esks. According to TSN he's back and ready to start. :thup:


Good stuff, your odd's of beating SSK just got better :thup:

It really depends on what happens to BC. He'll be on the roster and will likely dress. But the decision on whether he starts/how much he plays will hinge on what happens to the Lions in the earlier game.

If BC loses the Esks have to weigh getting RR back into game shape versus the risk of injury before the playoffs. In that case he'd likely only play a quarter or two tops.

If BC wins then RR starts and only comes out if the Esks are way up or way down (or he gets hurt).

Good news for sure, even though Cflisthebest believes the Rider's are crappy, I do not so I like the insurance :smiley:

:lol: brilliant! :thup: :thup:

It'd be great if we could give him another week off, but it's good that he's healthy enough to go this week if we need him.

I guess I’m one of the few who believe that Zabransky is the way to go. From my seat, one of the Esk’s primary deficiencies this year has been a lack of fire and intensity. I believe that Ray exemplifies this lack of energy. With Zabransky the team gets to the line more quickly, fires off the ball harder, and his mobility creates a greater sense of confidence on that side of the ball and doubt in the defensive side. Sask cannot stop the run and Zabransky gives them 60-80 more running yards IMO.

But I certainly understand that Ray has his supporters. I’m just not one of them and think he’s an asset to be traded.

Not going to disagree with you but Z has shown that he's still a year or two away from being a legit starter. He still has so much to learn (not just about play calling and making the plays, but in his basic mechanics of throwing as well).

I'm not ready to give up on Ray just yet. He hasn't had a great season statistically, but I think that has a lot to do with the early games. So many sure TD passes were dropped, which hurt his completion percentage, yards, and TDs (and probably his confidence, too). If we can fix the O-line and give him a good receiving corps (one without Kelly Cancer would be nice), I think Ray would continue to put up numbers like he used to.

I think last week's game showed that Zabransky still has a lot of work to do. He can run, has a lot of confidence... but his decision-making and accuracy both need to improve.

You guys have made some very good points on our QB's here, without knowing the future it's a real tough decision.

Chief, regarding Campbell I'm not so sure he's a cancer. He isn't my favorite by any means but I've noticed when someone scores he's usually the first one there celebrating with them. I know he's blown more plays than anyone but I'm not convinced he's a bad team mate.

So he's just a bad player then. :lol: To be honest, I'm just not a fan of his. He's been beyond disappointing this season.

No doubt he's been disappointing at the worst times, I fully understand why you dislike him.

Ray excels as a drop-back passer and that's about it after some decent runs.

I think after yesterday's fumble on the run that teams are okay with him running sometimes as far as bending but not breaking when playing the Esks. When you cover well and rush the passer well on 2nd and at least 5, in their minds so what if Ray runs sometimes he's no Flash Gordon.

Stamps and an occasional Talbot, forget unreliable Kelly Campbell, in the receiving corp are definitely not going to bring out the magic we've seen in Ray in the past.

If he had half the corp they have now in Hamilton, Saskatchewan, Calgary, BC, and Montreal imagine the higher possibilities.

The Esks are not going anywhere until that situation is remedied, and the problem is NOT at QB definitely with Ray.

The off-season will be high time for some trades and some serious NFL and undrafted free agency.

Do you like anyone on Edmonton's roster? :expressionless:

Yes of course you've heard me most of the year Chief on Ray, Whitlock, Porter, and Stamps and let's add Kabongo for sake of the offense at minimum. We can do without the entire rest of the receiving corps.

McCarty is okay too but is best for sake of his trade value now as he won't get better.

Otherwise so many are overhaul material including the entire defence except maybe Lloyd and Rod Davis.