Ray's Back!

Need I say more?

Good for you guys! It’s good to see Ray did the right thing and come back. I’m glad the 'Cats aren’t in the west! But seeing how you have a couple of extra QB…

Right on! Ray’s back where he should have been last year.

For now the Esks are in BCs position - too many good QBs.

I guess it’s a good problem to have…

Anyways, I think the Esks should trade Maas to an Eastern team. What does everyone else think?

I think Maas deserves the opportunity to start and play. I would think the Ti-Cats would be happy to have him there either starting this year or spending a year sharing with McManus and gleaning what knowledge he can off of Danny Mac. Maas is ready to start now and doesn’t need the seasoning, but would hate to see an old vet like Danny uncerimoniously dumped. Guess that’s the nature of the game though. Should be interesting to see how situation plays itself out.


Yeah, true enough.

I hope the Esks start the year with both Maas and Ray, and make the starter EARN his job, just because Ray might have a lot of rust on him.

At any rate, I’m pretty excited - I think I’ll call the Esks office today and see if I can upgrade my season’s tickets.

In a perfect world, the Esks could keep both Ray and Maas on the roster and keep both of them happy. That being said, we all know that’s not going to happen past the end of this season, and maybe before then. I think the Esks should offer JM to Hamilton in return for Troy Davis. If the Tabbies tell us to take a hike, maybe offer him for one of their many O lineman. I was going to say the rights to Cheatwood AND an O lineman but that might be asking a little much.

Ray is not going to fix the Esks right away and they should keep both Ray and Maas 'cause we all know Edmonton needs a good QB to stay alive in the west. It’s going to be good out here this year.

The way injuries happen…Keep Maas and Ray. Depth wins you games (look at BC last year). Maybe trade Jones to Winnipeg for Charles Roberts…Just Kidding…Winnipeg fans would take me to task for that one!

You guys are one Runningback away from being unbeatable. I’m predicting 100+ points being scored by both teams when BC and Edmonton meet in each game this year…It will be fun to watch!

Considering BC and Edmonton were fun games to watch last year, this year will be no different.