Ray vs. Maas

Why does it feel that although we won the Grey Cup, we've lost something too? With Jason Maas not playing in the Grey Cup, although he was the reason they got there in the first place, he will undoubtably be sent to play in Hamilton. How can they get rid of a guy that has been nothing but perfect all year long?

Maas was a great team player, and I like him even more than I like Ray, but it was Ray who got us into the playoffs by starting all season long(Everyone will remember and respect what Maas did for us by helping us in two playoff games). Maas is a great team player and individual and he'll be missed by all esks fans if in fact the rumours are true. On an positive note, we now have 26 year old Ray getting us to into 3 grey cups in his first 3 years as a starter. With a better o-line next year that we'd get for trading Maas, I can only see our offense getting even better next year! Maas deserves to start for another team, keep Ray trade Maas.

On another positive, I think that we would see Jason Johnson as our backup and he looked phenomenal in the pre-season game earlier this year. He's been watching and learning from two great quarterbacks, Maas and Ray for a few years now. If Ray were ever injured next year, was ineffective for a few games, or just needed a break, I would not be worried whatsoever with Jason Johnson. I predict he'll be a big surprise to the league next year if he gets some regular season playing time.

looks like we get ray...lol....good luck to maas in hamilton.