Ray vs Maas...Did the Esks trade away the better QB.?

Looks that way, Maas made Ray, if it wasn't for Maas...Ray would be a one trick Grey Cup Champion like Crandell...out of luck n out of time...Who do you think is better CFL Forum.?
After tonight, my pick is Maas...great screen paas to Lumsden... Priceless..

I have a huge hatred for Ray but i still think he might be a liiiiittttleee bit better. Althought i love Maas' intensity.

You can have Maas' intensity, for whatever that is worth.
In the battle to be worst, Edmonton won.
Big deal.
If you honestly believe that if every QB in the league became a free agent tomorrow and that Ricky Ray would not be the first guy signed, and Maas one of the last, I pity you.
Maas is old and has won nothing, had one decent season as a starter.
Ray has won 2 Grey Cups in 4 years as a starter with a mediocre/bad team last year and with the worst 0-line in the league, still gives his team a chance to win each week.
Hamilton, on the other hand, has not been better with Maas than they were with McManus--possibly because at 42 years old, D. Mac is still better.....
We will never know, but if Maas were in Edmonton this year, they might be 0-for.

And for the record, thank god Edmonton is toast......but anyone who blames Ricky Ray for that knows squat about football......

ray is the best QB in the league....maas is one of, if not the worst starters.

dont let 2 games fool you into forgeting 17 INTs

IMO a QB leads the team, so when i see Hamilton with 4 wins and Edmonton with 4 wins, I cant see Ray being that much better than Maas. :wink: Maas bailed out Ricky many times when they were together and today they still dont see how good Maas is :expressionless: :cowboy:

There’s more to a football team than a qb but a qb is the offensive leader without question. But without a solid o-line and everyone else doing their job, a qb can only do so much.
Maas is starting to take control here in Hamilton, nice, although I still say Ray is the more talented of the two.

ray has been to the grey cup game 3 times in 4 years, winning 2 and this year, even tho his team stinks, STILL has the best numbers of all QB's.

maas, on the other hand, has the worst numbers of all starting QB's...facts are facts...ray is best.

Are you forgetting that Maas was part of that team too?

oh...im sorry. maas was the holder on FG's...big deal.

....what happened to all the talk about Maas being injured this year...sure didn't look like it last night...Lancaster was also quoted as saying Maas will have a short career because of a bad shoulder and agitated throwing arm...I think a few people bought all that stuff.. Jason looks like he's got quite a few games left in him to me....it's a wonder how a quality running back like Lumsden can lift a guys spirits... :roll: :lol:

Maas also came into the game when Ray couldn't get it done last year in the playoffs, drumkit.....I'm sure you didn't forget about that.....

im sure ray coulda made those throws...

maas had nothing to do with rays other 2 grey cup runs.

Well, one person doesn't make a team, and Ray didn't make those throws - Maas did.

Don't get me wrong - I'd take Ray over Maas any day, but to suggest Maas had nothing to do with the Eskimos winning the Grey Cup last year is ludicrous to me.

Sounds like drummers a bit cranky. Can't blame him i guess. His team cheats and they're still the worst in the league.

whos 'MY' team?...i wasnt aware i had a team.

stating Ray is the best qb ( which is true ) has nothing to do with supporting the shmoes.

infact, the way hamiltons playing, i might just buy some season tickets next year ( depending on the '07 schedule )..im definitely buying a lumsden jersey tho.

I disagree DG, Maas was the reason Ray was able to play in the 05 GC game. He had everything to do with Ray playing in one championship final.

ray was throwing well, but the recievers were dropping balls....i think maas was put in the game as a was to spark the recivers than it was to ray.

but whatever, think what u want.

Well DG, I can not say I agree with you on this one. Normally when you post you do have it nailed down. But Maas is the better QB. With Ray you are dealing with the past. I believe this guys football playing days are on the decline! One minute the hero the next you are Nealon Greene. Maas was indeed the glue that helped the Eskie machine run tight. This year I guess you can look at the devastated Offensive line as a cause. But Ray too has not looked good all year long. Thats no forget he has a great receiving core to catch Rays passes! So even with a crappy offensive line if Ray was indeed a very good QB he would adapt to passing to those very good receivers. Sorry Maas was the better QB and played well while Ray was down south!

Very interesting discussion. Both have their strenghs.

  1. Maas - fire and leadership and emotion.
  2. Ray- coolness under fire and better ability to run.

It is too bad you could not take the better parts to the two and make one super QB.
I think the Esks miss the fire and emotion of Maas but overall if I had a choice I would still go with Ray. He just needs a firecracker put in his butt to make him appear to be more competitive to inspire his teammates more. Ray has the better stats over the season. Both have their strengths and are legit starters in the CFL!!! I wish them both well. They both can make CFL games exciting though both have had their low moments this season.
CFL Rules!!

Turkey nuts how can you compare stats this year. Ray was with a team for many years where as Maas was with a team that is rebuilding. That is a joke statment right! Reverse these guys and see what the stats would be. I think JM is the better QB and always will be. Ray will be deliver Fritos sooner then you think.
I stated early in the season this would be a learning curve for J Maas because of the skill level of the Tiger Cats receivers and it showed. They are still missing good receivers and yet Jason won two games in a row. You can not tell me the Tiger cat receivers are better skilled then the Eskimos receives so how can you state stats here! I think you are much better at creating songs! :lol: