Ray to the Argos?


Should we try and make an offer to the Esks?

Does this help our chances at getting McPherson if he is actually available?

Looks like were the only team for Burris?

Or stick to what we got?

This off-season keeps getting better. :slight_smile:

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/12/audio-tsndavenaylor-says-esks-qb-ricky-ray-could-be-available-ticats-argos-would-be-interested-cfl.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/ ... d-cfl.html[/url]
Dave Naylor of TSN said this moning that the Eskimos could be moving quarterback Ricky Ray and follows that up with speculation that the Argos and Ticats would likely be interested.
Here's hoping the Cats pass on Ray as his arm is toast IMO.

Every pass, whether to the flats, inside slots,or two yard screen, is a zeppelin floater without any zip or crispness.
He may possess accuracy, although little to no arm strength remaining.

The Cats would do better to pick up McPherson or even Burris for a short term.

the Argos and Esks have agreed to a deal for Ray…


wonder what plans T.O. has for Jyles now… :?

None, Jyles went to Edmonton in the deal.

Confirmed on the Whine 590

I think the original posting of the article stated something to the effect that the players involved for Ray would be name later or something.

Interesting trade...Jyles has come full circle as he returns to the team where he first started his career.

thanks for the clarification stevehvh

What the hell are the cats doing...
The Argos just got 10x better with this deal so right now were the bottom team in the east.

WOW! He is only 32 and has many good years still in him. Guess what, we are 4th again!


Who does Ricky Ray throw to? There isn't a Fred Stamps, Bowman, or Barnes on the Argos to turn a 10 yard pass (lack of strength in Ray's arm) into a big play like the Esks did this year.

Mo Mann can't catch, and Copeland is old.

Ray makes that team instantly better. Mann had some success in EDM with Ray at QB. This sucks.

That was when Ray had some semblance of arm strength.... this doesn't worry me at all.

Chew: Sheeesh. It's a bit early to be making these kinds of predictions isn't it?
We will soon have a new head coach and then the player changes will begin in earnest. I can't wait for training camp. I will be very surprised and disappointed if we start the season with Glenn and Porter.

WTF Where was Obie when this went down? The Argos just surpassed us, as far as I'm concerned.

Ray > Anything we have at QB

I'm furious right now.

This is easy, he has Mann and yes he is a legit #1 guy. Also import receivers are the easiest players to pick up, did you see what we did last year? They now have a great QB and RB.

totally agree.
What is the delay in this coaching search, from the reports out there we haven't even interviewed everyone they want yet. The cats need to figure this out so the coaching staff can decide what they are going to do with the QB issues here.

If Owens is utilized in the slot, and Mann has a career year, the Argos should have a decent season even with Rays lack of arm strength.
Owens can easily turn that short reception into 1st down yardage.

No sure why people say Ray doesn't have arms strength...he throws a very accurate deep ball, and can do it often in a game. That is his specialty.

I have no clue where people are getting this from, he didn't look good in 2010 but last year he was hitting Stamps, Barnes and Bowman with some great deep balls.

2010 isn't 2011