Ray to start again...a prelude to the ESF?

His agent is the least likely but there have been some real brain surgeon's in the business before and it wouldn't surprise me. Sounds like a Ray fan from inside the Argo camp that wants to taint the negotiations with Harris that is the most likely. If they don't sign Harris they need to sign Ray and hope they can develop someone in the organization because I do see any young QB wanting to sign with this disfunctional organization.

Harris may have half the teams in the CFL by the nads as starting QB's are in short supply these days.
Teams like Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa (Burris to be 41 years old next season), Winnipeg (Willy a ? mark), Saskatchewan (Durant/Smith ? marks) and possibly BC (Jennings small sample size) could all have interest in the pivot.

...and if I'm Harris it may be wise to test the waters before signing on the dotted line with the Argos.

The O Line and the Kicker were the main problems last game. I'm willing to give Ray more than 1 start before writing him off.

This is a meaningless game for the Argonauts so they may as well fully evaluate Ray before deciding who starts in the playoffs.

Harris will want a starters job which lets out Edmonton, Calgary, Hamilton and Saskatchewan (Durant can still play). BC is more likely to try and bring Jennings along and get a solid back up, as is Montreal with Cato. That leaves Ottawa and Winnipeg. Ottawa wants to be careful how they deal with Burris because he is a fan favourite and being a new franchise they don't want to alienate fans so they need to make sure he leaves on very good terms.

Harris is not likely to find too many offers out there for him as a starter and the few that might want him would end up with a young QB that is ready to be #1 who will no longer want to be on their team. If he really thinks he has the leverage he might find himself looking down south and out of a job before he realizes whats going on.

Considering that Barker and Milanovich both signed 3 year extensions I'm going to say that they're not going anywhere anytime soon.

:rockin: [b][b] Argos should start R.J. Dickey!! :wink: [/b][/b]

despite being named as the Argos 2015 MOP and guiding the team to a 10-8 record (mainly on the road) Harris will be the backup for the doubleblue in the ESF as Milanovich confirmed Ray will start.

Harris cannot be pleased with this scenario as he led the team to a playoff berth and and yet is cast away for his efforts.
This could very well affect the odds of Harris re-signing with the club or testing the FA market.

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Milanovich announces Ricky Ray will start for #Argos in the East semi-final #CFL

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.@Trev_Harris named #Argos Most Outstanding Player http://www.torontosun.com/2015/11/05/ar ... e-to-shine#CFL via @TheTorontoSun[/b]

Ricky was impressive in the first quarter and sure looked like he had no problem throwing the long pass, which was surprising during the first possession.
Having said that, Harris did well during his time.
My choice bottom line based on his overall versatility would be Harris.
For sure Kackert has to start as he was explosive all night long.

Wow what a play by Murray on special team, only in the CFL.
I will clarify this is the game of the year so far.