Ray to start again...a prelude to the ESF?

Ray was named starter again for the season finale despite a subpar outing last Friday.
Milanovich may be leaning towards Ray rather than Harris as the incumbent during the playoffs if this move is any indication.

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Harris won't be an Argo next year. I'm sure contract negotiations went south after his agent demanded the highest CFL salary and the team has moved on.

Smart decision, Toronto is locked into third place may as well evaluate Ray as much as possible before making a decision as to who to start in the Eastern Semi Final.

Horrible decision, Ray was equally horrible in the game.
He was a pylon in the pocket with poor passing, no zip on the ball.
Harris gives us the best chance to win the next game and in the playoffs.
I hope this does not piss him off for next year as we are doomed if he leaves.
Yet another potential blue chip player to potentially leave for what an aging QB with two major injuries the past few years and his best before date in the rear view mirror.

Sadly the arm is gone.... He still sees the field and makes decisions as quick but those throws last week were horrible.

I just want to know who leaked that :wink:

And Harris was worse in his two previous starts. Interesting how people want to dump on Ray while praising Jennings as the new next great QB in BC when in reality their numbers last week were extremely similar.

Harris shot himself in the foot with the highest paid QB comment. What surprises me is that the Argos seem to not be biting. Barker has never shied away from a player because of a poor attitude before so does this indicate the end of the Barker era in Toronto? One can only hope.

Harris hasn't played well at THF, so maybe they have a better shot going into the ESF with Ray.

you're quick to write off the Cats claiming first I see.

it is possible the Argos could be playing the ESF at TD Place you know.....oh but of course you did.

Has nothing to do with numbers. Comparing Jennings to Ray is really not useful. As one is green as an onion (3 months in the CFL) and very athletic. The other a 36 year old HOF in the fourth year in the same system.

Ray in his prime threw the prettiest ball in the CFL, the floating ducklings last week. One of which ended up as a TD out of shear luck looked more like something Nealon Greene use to throw.

I don't think anything is written in stone yet. I didn't see either teams sweeping and with Ottawa holding a slim 6 point lead it could go either way.

Just saying that neither had great numbers nor bad and both were in the same range. Ray with his first start in a year and the other still playing teams for the first time. We heard the same superlatives for Cato in July and he didn't light up the league. Jennings has proven he is worth a serious look for the #1 job next season but he's not the next Lulay just yet.

Its now Ottawa's championship to lose. They play at home (6-2), they are on a 3 game winning streak, are spotted 5 points and are healthy as can be for this time of year. Hamilton is (5-3) on a 2 game losing streak playing with a rookie QB.

People are not dumping on Ray. He's up there with the All time great QB's to ever play in this league but injuries have piled up. His own coach said he was 85 percent. Ray refused to state he was fully healthy, yet he's being thrown in there while a healthy Harris who won a BUNCH of games on the road this year is being benched. If Ray was 100 percent you could understand the decision.

On a personnel level for Ray, this is a two edge sword. If he's deemed to be finished, he won't get a contract next year from any team, so its possible there are a lot of politics at play here where Milanovich knows that for Barker to get the owners to sign off on Ray for a new contract, he needs to show he's back. If he can't than Barker tells the owners they don't have a choice but to pay Harris. The whole thing seems very contrived. Let's just hope we don't see Ray being walked off the field holding his arm.

Harris has proven he is a starter. A few bad games does not change what he did do this season and that means the Argos should be making him the priority to sign. However, if he is a prima donna (we don't know for sure who made the highest paid QB remark or who leaked it) then he may not be the best choice or the Argos won't be able to sign him at a fair rate.

I would be telling Ray right now that he's likely the #2 next season and if he wants to start to investigate his options, but leave the door open for him to come back. Maybe offer him an entry coaching position if that's what he sees in his future. As for Harris I would offer him the average for a regular starting QB. The average of Collaros, Mitchell, Lulay, Burris, Durant, Willy and Reilly at the beginning of this season because that's where he is right now, middle of the pack. If that's not enough for him, as tough as it may be, cut your ties with him.

But I would also fire Barker and Millanovich and release Liang. Lot more needs to be fixed on this team besides the QB.

Milanovich and Barker just got 3 year deals. They are a lock for at least the next two years. Obviously one of these two leaked the negotiations with Harris agent. Possibly to another GM who then leaked it to the press but since it came out of TO. I suspect one of them deliberately did that. That is grounds for firing someone. Frank obviously won't give up his source but someone in that front office put Harris in a very difficult situation and if I'm Harris and his agent. I'm signing anywhere but with these two guys this winter.

If Harris put it out there he's a prima donna and the Argos should run the other way, if his agent did it Harris should rip him a new one (as we say in the military) because that is idiotic and if it is the Argos then they need to find out who and get rid of them before they negotiate with Harris. If they can show it was an isolated incident and they took care of it they may still have a chance with Harris.

The direction this team is going I would not be signing with the Argos anyway. Millanovich and Barker do not equal suscess.

Why would his agent put his client in that kind of situation ? I guess everything is possible but it seems unlikely.

If Harris does indeed fly the coop, the Argos franchise/future will be in a pickle for years to come especially since Ray is on the tail end of his career and not likely to regain previous form after serious injuries/surgeries.

They've already lost Collaros and losing Harris will not help sell tix regardless of the move to BMO.

He's really got Barker by the nads :smiley: