Ray signs extension with Eskimos

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/ray-signs-extension-with-eskimos]http://www.cfl.ca/article/ray-signs-ext ... th-eskimos[/url]

Extension till 2013

This is good news for Eskimo fans, means we won't be at the mercy of the Jared Zabransky show when he's not ready for the big time.

Good news. :thup:

Good news. I don't think Zebransky's ready yet.

This REALLY is not a surprise. Tillman had already said that Ray is the guy so..

Jamal Robertson has signed an extension with the Lions.

Every team has made numerous player transactions this off-season…except for the Ti-Cats. :frowning:

This is not a surprise as ET said how Ray was the leader.
However, when Ottawa has its draft in 2012 which of the two will the Esks protect?
Very interesting.
Likewise for the Stamps and especially since Hank will be what 37, what about the Als and will AC still be around?

We can worry about that when it happens.

I realize that, however let’s speculate because we do so here quite a bit and that’s what is fun!
Hypothetically if the draft was now, who do you keep and who do you expose?
If I am the GM here is the following that I would protect.

Edmonton: Zebransky
Calgary: Burris
Montreal: AC

Based on my decisions, Ottawa would have a decent first stringer in Ray and awesome up and comers like McPherson and Tate.
Now, in two years time and because of age I say all of the current first string QB’s if still playing, would all be exposed.

Are we still at zero?They really like to wait until the last minute don't they?
By the time FA comes I doubt there'll be anyone of any real value for the Cats to take, lot's of crucial re-signings/NFL signings.We better have some good trades in mind or at least some great scouting reports.

i suspsect that burris will retire from playing and become the qb coach by then. thats also based on the stamps winning the grey cup again before that. you never know what kinda deals teams might make with ottawa to make sure they dont luze their starting qb.