Ray separated shoulder

Out 4-6 weeks

Source: Sportsnet

I hate to be down when we're by no means out of contention yet, but our season is effectively over if Ray is going to be out 4-6 weeks. I know its an unfair thing to say, there is other talent obviously, but Edmonton has a two-man offence (it is becoming a three man offence as Ebell matures), Ricky Ray and Jason Tucker....
When theese two guys are healthy and at the top of their game, this football club has days of brilliance; see two weeks ago vs. MTL. If either one of these guys isn't at the top of their game, things go wrong. We lost Tucker for what was it, 4/5 games?, and I believe most of those were either losses or unconvincing wins. Now with Ray gone, that connection is broken again.

LeFors look very composed for a rookie coming off the bench, but he doesn't get alot of reps with the first line talent; he doesn't have the experience or the connection that Ray has with his playmaker (I think there should have been some kind of call on the TOR defender that seemed (according to everyone but the Ref) to be literally hanging on to Tucker every step of the way in the endzone, its no wonder LeFors couldn't hook Tucker up with the ball)

That third spot in the West is now Calgary's to keep; they need to focus on not losing games, due to the off-chance that LeFors pulls a Jarious Jackson or a Richie Williams and manages some good QBing from a backup role.

That said, the Esks O-line needs to be fined the rest of their salaries for the last month or so of the season. Ray's injury wasn't due to anything but a poor O-line failing to protect their QB. How many sacks did TOR have this game??? I was in the stands, i'm sure they had at least 4 or 5. Its a miracle LeFors didn't get banged up too, he had defenders flying at him every which way as well!

oh well, enjoy the basement!


Sad to hear about Ricky Ray. I enjoy seeing the Riders beat the Eskies but outside of the Riders my favorite QB is Ricky Ray. He is truly a class act player and it is sad to see him down with an injury. Sadly it will probably spell the end of the season for him but hopefully he will be back next year.

I wouldn't just concede 3rd place to Calgary just yet . In case you didn't notice , they also lost Burris. Now all we need is for the riders to lose KJ and we ALL have lost our starters(QB's that is).

This is bad. Ray being your best player and he is out. I was hoping for the Esk to make it really. Good luck with the rest of the season.

Another classic post by a Rider prider! Is life not sweet!

I will agree with you about not conceding 3rd place to Calgary yet. I think the Riders having an experienced and capable back-up in Crandell is to our advantage should KJ get injured.

As stated in numerous other threads this is ONE rider fan who does NOT share the opinion the rest of us seem to have posted regarding RR injury.

What a terrible break for the Esks. But it still looks like it is going to be race to the finish line, between turtles now :wink:

Your right and believe me I know there are lots of good rider fans out there. But some really stick out do they not. Sad but true.

They do but as also stated every team including Calgary has fans like that. Grouping an entire team of fans is just as sad.

I believe I have done agood job at not grouping them together.

Well I hope Ray does not need surgery on his right shoulder. The guy is a great QB and it would be a shame.

I guess we were playing for next year like Hamilton, we just didn't know it until now. :lol:

Kidding aside, this is a bad injury for Edmonton, especially considering we play Toronto, the team we need to beat, again next week. And if that's not enough, we're on the road, a place that hasn't been too kind to us the last few years.

Then we have B.C. back-to-back, so, I hate to say it, but I think our season is over.

Here's hoping Ray's injury isn't too bad. One of the best QBs in the league, no question.

Exactly! It would be sad that this injury will effect his career possibly being that it is his throwing shoulder. Good luck! If you get tired of cheering on those Eskies we would welcome our northern advisary to jump on board with us.

But why join the Stamps when I could join the Riders? They're getting back on track... unlike the Stamps... I don't wanna leave one sinking team for another. :stuck_out_tongue:

Esks should trade back for Maas. He is better than anyone they have as a back-up.
Your back-up qb is huge. Sask. has Crandell a proven guy, BC has two capable back-ups, Winnipeg has none, Calgary is suffering because they have none, Toronto had to trade to get one, as did Montreal, Hamilton - well it has been hopeless with Casey a dud and the coaches giving up on the other back-up.
Goes to prove each team needs a capable , experienced back-up. I ask you, would Danny McManus have engineered more than 9 points for the Stamps Sat. night- I think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes the poor stamps have none waht a pity. I would rather have a raw rookie then Crandell any day. :lol:

The only QBs that have lasted are KJ and Kevin Glenn. Knock on wood (or RLR's head)