Ray resigns with Blue team

Ricky Ray has resigned. Wonder what this means for Trevor Harris? Lots of names on the FA list worth taking a look at.

http://www.tsn.ca/ray-re-signs-with-argonauts-1.403818 [url=http://www.tsn.ca/making-a-list-2016-potential-cfl-free-agents-1.403687]http://www.tsn.ca/making-a-list-2016-po ... s-1.403687[/url]

It’s always nice to see the Argos making the wrong decision. My only worry is that Harris signs elsewhere in the division (i.e. Montreal) and makes that team stronger.

Of course, if he signs with Ottawa, it would be kind of fun to hear Burris’ reaction. You know, after single-handedly taking the team to the Grey Cup which his teammates proceeded to lose.

There will be some good QB's available
To name 2,Travis Lulay and Harris could become available
This may now let us keep Masoli at a reasonable cap hit

Bad move, IMO.

I don't necessarily disagree with the "win now" camp when it comes to building a team, but in this case, you've gotta go with Harris.

For one, this seems to me like the Argo's brass taking the one-and-done strategy to putting butts in the seats again. Its never worked. The Argos don't need a star, they need to grow a loyal fan-base. Worst possible thing for doing that will be if they find themselves with no QB once the new stadium buzz has died off. Much better to have a mediocre team at BMO over the next 10 years than to win now while disaster looms.

Second, nobody knows if Ricky will ever be the old Ricky again. If he's his old self, yes, he's one of the best to play the game. In the end though, you're rolling the dice, so is he even a better choice than Harris if you do want to win now? I'm not so sure.

Surely Harris ends up in Montreal now.

Here is a scenario. With the status of ZC return up in the air due to his injury. Would the Ticats consider making a offer to Trevor Harris if he is available come February ?

Ticat Attack: No.. Zach is #1. Masoli #2.

One more time:

If someone "re-signs" it means they have signed again.

If someone "resigns" it means they have quit (i.e. submitted their resignation).

Why would Harris do that ?

Here's part of the TSN story I saw:

"The Toronto Argonauts have signed quarterback Ricky Ray to a new contract, according to TSN Senior Correspondent Gary Lawless.

Ray, 36, was set to become a free agent next February.

The 13-year veteran spent the first half of the 2015 season recovering from off-season shoulder surgery before returning as a backup to Trevor Harris, who is also a pending free agent.

TSN's Farhan Lalji added the deal is for 2016 and 2017 and could be worth up to $490,000 with incentives, which is reportedly half the new deal. Lalji reports Ray is excited by the team's new ownership and stadium and hopes this deal puts the team in a position to sign quarterback Trevor Harris while addressing other needs."

That pretty well negates most of what has been said in this thread.

Not really. Harris has to want to go back there and why would he ???

If a 2016 contract is signed before Dec.31st 2015 all bonuses paid before then go against the 2015 Cap
With the in limbo Braley ownership I imagine they had ample room under the Cap to pay Ray a substantial bonus up front
This is how they will still have money to re-sign Harris
Ray could have a $300K signing bonus(paid now) $100K salary and $50K in performance bonuses
$450K contract in 2016, but only $100K is on the 2016 Cap if he does not get his performance bonuses
Leaving some serious coin for Harris
The 2017 contract would have to be a different scenario

Hfx: I stick to my conclusion....here's why:
Until Harris discusses a contract with the Blue Team and rejects it, there is no point in wild speculation at this time.
In addition to that, the title of this thread is also misleading and wrong. The TSN story says "Ray signs". Not "Ray resigns".
That's enough for me to make my conclusion.
Looks like the off-season silly-season has begun. :frowning:

CFL is in decent shape at the QB position all around the league which is great!
I just hope Matthews is not the starting QB for the Cats to start the season.
Masoli or LEFEVBRE my man crush QB that I wish never left LOL are my choices.

Iceman: your man-crush is blinding you. :wink: It's Lefevour.

Sylvain Lefevbre played for the Habs, didn't he?

From an Argo's fan perspective, this is a huge mistake almost the same as when we let Zach go to you guys.
If Harris goes and it appears now he will, that will be two catastrophic blunders this origination has made and may take years to recover from.

Ray has bad knees and has slowed. I say blue team should cut bait. Matthews is slow and was imo out of shape and not game ready this year. Had no idea about reading defenses or protecting the ball. Mobility is a key in CFL and becoming more so in NFL.