Ray played just as good as glenn

even tho ricky ray had close to 400 yards and only 10 incomplete passes, he failed to finish the game ala kevin glenn...just goes to show that no matter how good a game u have, it doesnt matter how good it is, unless u come away with the W...and glenn has the same problem..hopefully he can come back next week and finish it...but for ray, hopefully he gets rattled :wink: (probably wont)

EE is suffering from a big GC hangover, it's gonna be a long season for me.

burris was amazing in that 3rd and 10 toss for a TD....congrats to burris for putting his team on his shoulder and not letting them lose.

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Are you for real? Of course the only thing that does matter from “team game” point of view is the win. But Ricky Ray played phenomenal, way better than anyone expected him to against the calgary defence which he struggles against. Whereas Kevin Glenn played like his regular “back up” self.

R. RAY 33/44 for 393 yds. 2 TD 1 INT

K. GLENN 15/26 for 173 yds. 0 TD 2 INT

No comparison whatsoever.

And it was the esks defence that didn’t finish the game. Calgary was 3rd and 10, the esks go with a three man rush, put lots of pressure on Burris, yet he somehow manages to make a completion to lewis…

Glenn did not see his team turn the ball over a whooping 6 times.

What both the Esks and the Bombers had to learn this week is that you play hard until that last whistle. Both the Als and the Stamps won their games in the dying minutes.

Congrats on your 4 for 4 this week in CFL picks! :thup:

who said i was comparing stats..im saying that no matter how good a game u have..u need to be able to finish, which neither glenn or ray did.. wait and see glenn make a comeback next week....3 td tosses (2 to milt) and a W for the blue-n-gold

Ricky Ray made 2 bad reads back to back when they had a chance to win or at least tie the game. First pass nearly intercepted by clark, 2nd pass intercepted by clark and shortly after another TD for the Stamps.

Can't blame that on his defence.

.....I agree, I don't think you can even blame the EE D for Lewis's TD....that had Lady Luck written all over it, great effort on Burris to keep going to the end of the play.....but then RR with ample time left to march down the field for at least a tie feeds a nice toss to Clark for the pick....not good QBing IMO, but that sorta thing happens....

You can't claim a loss or win to be solely the quarterback's responsibility! The only way you can compare QB's individually is through their stats(and even stats become more of a team game type of thing as well).

okay,the post says ''Ray played just as good as glenn'' is that a good thing or bad thing?

you moron winnipeg fans...RICKY THREW 2 TDS how many did your girl QB throw...Ricky was the best QB this week

Rickty doesnt know hwo to win huh????..how many tiems has he been to a grey cup game?? how many rings???? how many for..you cant even compare that shmoe from winnipeg to the king from edmonton

:lol: lol...man, alls im sayin is that u guys call out our "backup" qb for not bein able to finish, and look at ur all star qb..threw his own pick at crunch time

Ricky didnt cause us to lose this game..he threw a dumb interception yes...thats one game..Kevin has done it his whole career.

and the diffrence your team is laughable..

oh yah pegcity..you might wanna take jets outta your name..there never coming back

Uhhhh.... Maybe you should take a look at the Lions/Riders recap, because I can hardly believe anyone outplayed Dave Dickenson this week. HE was the best QB this week.

ouch! that hurts, i dont no how im gunna recover..i was only 5 when the jets left n e way, so its not like it was a huge deal to me..i just have it in my name just because..and i dont care about last year..it means nothing compared to the start of this season..its a whole new year

I agree third, if someone thinks Ray played better than Dickenson they were watching different games than myself this week.

oh yah my bad..Dickenson was very good this week. but seriously Ricky ray gets absolutly no respect..

on TSN..all they talk about is calvillo and dickenson

yet in his 3rd year he has more rings..then both and has outplayed them both in the big games

and its because hes with Edmonton everyone (including the tsn broadcasters) hate the best team