RAY Performance REVIEW-

SO far first series he over threw a wide open receiver deep and then threw a terrible one hopper pass on 2nd down--

SO far RAY better pick it up cause he is doing nothing these days----

Are we witnessing the last 2 starts of RAY's career possibly???

I think he could be done-- He needs the fans to BOO him visciously to fire him up--

Is he just milking the money on his contract and mailing it in this season.

I think EDM should run the ball tonight and take thier shot with the DEFENSE winning this game--

It appears that RAY is not going to figure out the offense this season- He looks like he is finished with STRASSER---

How about a TRICK PLAY-- Flee flicker, END AROUND?


I think HILL is much better than MAAN- They need to get the ball to this kid HILL- he might be their best receiver playing for them I think--

RAY looks to be getting the time and reverting back to the OLD RAY for a few throws--

Come on Esks, time to find that end zone--

HILL again, this guy is one of the best receivers in the CFL I think.

This HILL is going to be a STAR-- Send MAAN back to the BENCH, as he does not bring what HILL does.

Offense looked better on that drive, at least throwing passes more than 10 yards-- Have to attack the intermediate zones, 15 to 20 yard passes way more–

And just trust the receivers to make the catches—

DAMN Hill almost a TD-- but HILL is absolute money, i watched this kid in college, and he is a playmaker and much better than the overrated MAAN who is invisible a lot and cant beat tough press coverage.

Seriously? You think he’s better than Stamps? The guy leading the league in receiving yards.


have your bloody players LINE UP 1 yard from the line of SCRIMMAGE NOT 1.5 Yards---- WATCH the D Line is lined up 1.5 yards off the line of scrimmage--

and also once again, SOMEONE COVER THE QB on those FAKE handoffs, NO ONE has accounted for JOSEPH everytime he keeps the ball--

ALso HILL is the best playmaker on this team and will be the best receiver in the CFL if he decides to stick around here in the CFL and play--

Tristan JACKSON? This guy has to GO asap=---- Talk about a guy with NO football IQ--

he lets the ball bounce 25 yards by him and is mistake prone-- WHy cant he use his head and field the ball, if you are scared of making a mistake or fumbling the ball, then maybe you should not be a returner in the CFL--

This guy is a joke, he let 2 punts bounce about 25 yards both times--

Man this guy is good, but come on, does anyone coach on this team?

I would pull him aside and say "Son play the game and be aggressive and field that ball. We need the position and need you to make good football decision--

Instead HALL is day dreaming about his glory days in SASK and not doing anything that he should be doing.

How much have you had to drink tonight? You might want to consider switching to water for the rest of the night… :wink:

this thread gave me a headache LOL he's talking to himself. thought ray had a good game and its hard to judge the defense in this game but they played not too bad...the last second TD in 1st half was pretty fluky, and they were playing the prevent which is a 50/50 on success of keeping the team out of the endzone...and did not bad till the last second. overall a good game...toronto has one of the best defenses in the league...to have the worst offense but be ranked 1 in pass d on 2 in run d (might be other way around cannot remember) is fairly impressive. good game esks

Had to laugh at this one. . .

Guy plays his first game as a starter, and after his first two catches in his first game as a starter Cobra here anoints him “one of the best receivers in the CFL”. . .

Much better performance by the Edmonton offence. . . granted it was against Toronto, but Toronto’s D has been good this season, their D is not the reason they are out of the playoffs, their D ranks around 3rd in the league in most all defensive categories. So full credit goes to Strasser, Ray, and the offence for getting the job done.

another "not so pretty" won against the argos , but we'll take the W . better show up against b.c. ........ not a bad game offensively by the esks 'cept 5 trips to the redzone resulting in feild goals (good job by the kid on feild goals tonight) . :thup: ......... after this game it's a bit early to discard the esks.. other teams have done it before then stood by & watched the esks take home the hardware :slight_smile: ........ a b.c. loss this weekend & a loss to edm next week & esks are in west semi - final against prob sask....... go esks!!!!! :thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin:

Ray hasnt played well all year.This weeks game wasnt that great.Most likely the last game to be won this year.

Is there going to be a deal for Ricky Ray in the works for the 2010 season. There is talk of it in certain threads but guees what; “IT WILL NOT HAPPEN” One game left in the regular sesaon. As for the crossover: welcome to the B.C. Lions to face the Ti-Cats in the Easrern Semi. :smiley:

Home fans are most critical of their own teams. Would you believe Ricky Ray is the top quarterback in the west this season? Edmonton fans don't always appreciate how lucky they are to have Ray.

COBRA,,,,, STILL GONNA BITCH ABOUT RAY AFTER TONIGHT'S GAME??? ESKS ROCK!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: