Ray Nettles story

A good piece on Mr. Nettles from down south:

"SATURDAY, DEC. 15, 2007 — In the late summer of 1968, Ray Nettles came to the University of Tennessee from Jacksonville, Fla., as a 19-year-old freshman football player, part of a 38-member recruiting class. He went from there to a professional career in Canada that saw him become one of three Vols ensconced in the Canadian shrine.

Nettles joined defensive tackle Dick Huffman and quarterback Condredge Holloway.

“It’s my greatest football honor,? said Nettles back in 2005. “It’s overwhelming to be associated with such outstanding athletes. It’s a highlight to have been associated with the University of Tennessee.?

[url=http://blogs.knoxnews.com/knx/mattingly/2007/12/recollections_of_ray_nettles.html]http://blogs.knoxnews.com/knx/mattingly ... ttles.html[/url]

Good find there Earl. I will always think of Ray Nettles as a BC Lion. I forgot about him playing in the other cities.

Thanks DB. I also forgot about him playing for other teams. But the name Ray Nettles and CFL go hand in hand for us oldtimers or "getting to be" oldtimers.