Ray Mariuz

Haven't had a chance to read through all the threads so I'm not sure if someone did this already, but I want to take a minute to congratulate Ray Mariuz on an outstanding game on Saturday.

I know it was a very special game for Ray and he stepped up big time. He's a great guy and a true asset to the team and congrats on his first TD.

His touchdown made my night. :thup:

his too, i'm sure. :rockin:


x3 great game for Ray. :thup:

Between Ray and Justin Medlock..... an Argo is still going to be "Special Teams" player of the week. :roll:

I would add Jeremy Kelley to this list, as he was like a heat-seeking missle out there on ST, being the first man to engage on the returner on almost every punt - and making a few tackles himself. He was also in on the blocked punt, almost colliding with Beswick on the play.

Unfortunately, I think you may be right about the award going to someone else. :x

I agree.

I was sitting in section 30 right at the endzone when Ray got the touchdown.
I yelled out "Mariuz with the TD, I LOVE IT" and my daughter looked at me and said, "Why?"
I also loved Augie's pass catch. Two great Canadian guys who play with heart.

I thought the same thing about the stupid ST player award, but he can still get D or Canadian.

Dude’s 6’6… His arms are so long he can cover both hashmarks by himself. There’s no way the returners can get around him.

The most amazing part of Ray Mariuz's TD was that number 44 scored with 4:44 on the clock in the 4th quarter on an interception by Paul McCallum, who is number 4. I doubt we will ever see anything like that again!

wow. nice observation. :thup:

All I remember about that play was the touchdown, high fives and a crude belch. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was also his 4th game back since returning to the team.

Ok STOP you're scaring me now lol

Yeah, but right after that it was number 44 again who recovered a fumble and the final interception was by Carlos Thomas who is you guessed it #4. Clearly the number 4 was a hex for BC.

I have an old newspaper clipping about Rick Vaive (#22) scoring his 22nd goal of the season at the 2:22 mark of the 2nd period.... I'll have to dig it up.... Funny how these "coincidences" appear every 30 years or so!

I would only be scared if had scored from the 44-yard mark.

Haha I remember watching that game live. I believe he was also 22 years old at the time.

Our new word for the day is TETRAPHOBIA, which the Lions now suffer.

Oskee wee wee

It would be quite a shock if he got the D award. We've been shut out all year on both the offensive and defensive players of the week. We're zero-for-16 weeks. Even the Argos (!), with their terrible offence, have won 3 offensive awards. We have to settle for the occasional Cdn and ST award.

Although ... you heard it here first ... Carlos Thomas could be a contender for this week's defensive award. If the criteria is number of replays of his big hit shown on TSN, he's got it locked up.