Ray Mariuz

Nominated by the CATS as top Canadian. Arguably the most critisized player on this site, but folks, the people he suits up with every week think him worthy of this award. Worth contemplating...

I watched him get pushed around all night against Calgary by WIDE RECIEVERS .And when I say pushed I mean taken out of the play by 10-15 yards. Pushed so far that even on a wide screen , I couldn't find him.

That's embarrassing.

Sorry ,but if he's the top Canadian...

He's picked by football writers...not players.

We didn't have a Canadian worthy of the nomination this year. But, if you have to pick someone, you may as well pick one of your best special team's players.

It’s obvious the fooball writers are watching the wrong number. At best a special teams player and
nothing else. Somewhat overated in my opinion. Need to adjust the ratio and place an american in that spot. This could very well happen if our kid from out west (broken leg) plays free safety next year.

Ray was nominated by Ted Michaels, Steve Milton,
John Salavantis, Rick Zamperin and Ken Peters.

No offense to Ray, as I think he did play well at times this year, but if this is our best Canadian, no wonder the Cats are in the basement.

This award should have probably gone to Lumsden or Bauman, but neither got into enough games to prove themselves worthy.

After finishing poorly for the past 3 years, you would think we could have drafted and groomed some decent Canadians by now. I realize we have had some bad luck with injuries, but this just goes to show you how much value there is to the draft in the CFL, and why teams can get stuck in the basement for long periods in this league. I actually felt our interior O-Line played pretty well this year, even after the loss of Gagne-Marcoux. This team isn't leading in rushing based entirely on the play of the backs, and most of the yards have been gained up the middle.

Looks like another area for improvement.


If Mariuz is our best Canadian, I shudder to think what kind of play the rest of our Canadians are giving us.

If you think about it, however, our sports writers didn't really have another choice. This is indeed an area

the team needs work in. :frowning:

Could very well have been Jessie Lumsden if he had stayed healthy. Picking at straws if Marius is our best canadian. Chris Bauman showed that he has promise - I pick Bauman over Marius by a long shot.

I don't know why people are blasting Mariuz so much. He had a pretty decent stat line and was like 15th in the league in tackles.

Had better #'s than the almighty Armour...

So far:
64 defensive tackles, two quarterback sacks, one forced fumble, one fumble recovery, one pass knockdown and led the Ticats with 14 special teams tackles