Ray, Maas face uncertain future in the Igloo

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Oski Wee Wee,


How long before we see the first “Bring Ricky Ray to Hamilton” thread?

I don't know about Ricky Ray but we sure could use that Mass around here..............NOT... :oops: :oops: :roll:

They have some pretty nice free agents.
Would be nice to see Thompson back as a cat.

The moment Tillman took the job, Maas' fate was decided. Unlike Danny Macocia, he won't keep the dead weight.

Dunno about Ray though, he'll probably have to actually battle it out at camp.

I'm also curious as to whether Tillman will keep Richie Hall for another season or not. I believe that Hall should be given another shot at it. I think Hall did his very best considering the adversity he's had to face with all the personnel changes (ie.: the changing of the guard at GM) and the mess that was left behind by Maciocia. I do agree that Maas will likely be done over the off-season. Tillman will have a lot of decisions to make over the next while.

Maas will likely be on the coaching staff in some capacity, just like Jason Tucker. He was basically a coach in uniform this season, so I can see the team finding a role for him on the staff, regardless of who is Head Coach.


We have had worse threads. I think Edmonton needs one more season out of Ray.
Regardless.....we have a serious QB problem with this team. If Glenn gets hurt in the next game we are finished. I can't see Porter around here next season. Maybe the coaching staff knows better than we do whether Trafalis has potential to be a back up.
Also....if Ray is cut loose by Edmonton, would you rather see him on the Blue team, or Winnipeg next season?

If Ray leaves Edmonton, he can go to Toronto or Winnipeg, it doesn't matter to me. I think, right now, Glenn is better. All bringing Ray in would do is create another QB controversy where none is needed. Yes, we need a backup because Porter is clearly not who any of us thought he was. But if the Cats are going to try and get someone, go get Drew Tate. Though I suspect he'll stay in Calgary, I would much rather have Tate as the heir apparent than spending whatever it would cost to get Ray here.


Yes...but I was not really advocating we get him. Just pointing out the dilemma about our QB situation and the damage he could maybe do in our division with the Blue team or Winnipeg.
Maybe we do need that thread. :lol:
Certainly not a "bring Wade Phillips to Hamilton thread"!!!!

I thought of him more like a cheerleader, without the funny cheer leading outfit :lol:

I'm still surprised there was never a "bring Randy Moss to Hamilton" thread

If Tillman thinks that Ray will take a salary cut, he's sadly mistaken. I'm surprised the Esks haven't already re-signed him. Letting it go this late tells me that Ricky will have a new address next season, probably in Toronto or Winnipeg.

Maas is done in Edmonton and I can't see anyone else picking him up. Ray is a different story. Still lots left I think but he'll want a lot of $$$. The Cats don't need him anyway. I think he'll stay in Alberta.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think if Tillman decides to axe Ray and his salary in the offseason, Wally Buono makes the first call in his direction. Toronto or Winnipeg might make more sense in the immediate thinking, but right now Barker seems committed to his CFL rookie stable (Lemon/Bell/Brannagan), and Winnipeg feels they can build an offense around Jyles whom has a good amount of CFL experience now with stints in Edmonton, Sask and now as starter in Winnipeg. Buono has Travis Lulay as the up and comer, but BC's season hasn't looked as good as Toronto's (mostly the fault of Casey Printers mind you), and Ray as the veteran presence both pushes Lulay in camp next spring and can start immediately, allowing Lulay more development time and less thrust into the headlights time. Then again, a strong performance from Lulay in the playoffs may convince Buono to stick with him and just bring in raw talent next spring to push him. Calgary doesn't need Ray, Montreal neither unless Calvillo is retiring after the playoffs and McPherson isn't going to be the heir apparent. That leaves... Edmonton and Saskatchewan.

Personally, I want Ray to start next year right here in Edmonton, and Maas to take over QB coaching. Zabransky can then come into camp as the official #2 and compete to keep that elevated role with whoever else we bring in. He's just not that ready for the big time yet. Scrambling and improvising can win games, but it won't be enough for a Grey Cup run. Its not like Ray hasn't taken enough big hits for his team the last few years. He gets up from jolts that send other players out for weeks and probably kept a few injuries under the rug the between 2007 and this past weekend to continue to go out on that field for this team. If he is pushed out or decides to leave, I won't emulate the fans that boycotted the Maciocia years or whom are now promising to boycott the Tillman years... I'll simply be disappointed that one of the last marquee 'franchise' players in this league will perhaps flourish and retire in another team's colours. :frowning:

Good review Kristjan.
Getting rid of Ray now would not do much good for Edmonton as far as I can see. If Ray goes to another western team he could come back to haunt them at a time when they would be rebuilding. I would keep Ray in Edmonton for another year for the sake of stability......because the rest of Edmonton's offence will need a lot of work in the off-season. Plus... I don't think his abilities have deteriorated enough to write him off yet.
I'm not sure about BC wanting Ray. Buono is re-building that team and I think Lulay will be part of that. He's doing pretty well right now and I think he can only get better next season. I remember posting last year that we should be doing what we could to get Lulay. He looked good as the 3rdstring QB when he was sent in.
My guess is that if Ray goes anywhere, it will be Toronto. They are the most desperate. Lemon is just not ready even though that team has improved quickly this year.

It could be a Kevin Glenn situation for the Eskimos, except I don't think Eskimo fans hate Ray as much as Winnipeg fans hate Glenn.