Ray Lalonde Gone !

Not taking long for the goods to come out...

[url=http://www.journaldemontreal.com/2012/05/11/lalonde-un-homme-impopulaire-2]http://www.journaldemontreal.com/2012/0 ... opulaire-2[/url]

I'll translate the main points...

Irritated Popp by asking him to go through media relations with membes of the medio
Irritated Trestman by focusing all season long on Calvillo hurting team chemistry and fundementals of the coach's philosophy
Responsible for the horrid new jersey
Lost major sponsors because of lack of flexibility
Half the luxoboxes unsold
Far less than 15 000 season tickets sold
Disastrous bottom line
Unhappy employees

With the season 6 weeks away, not sure how much better season tickets will increase or the sales of luxury boxes or corporate sponsorship. This should have been accomplished during the off season.
Maybe with him now out of the picture it may lead to positive reaction for them in these areas.

Good riddance to him. Sounds like we had a version of Pierre Gauthier on our hands. :thdn:

It's cool. Herb's article today is just as scathing. The irony though is I remember at the Als golf tournament dinner how Randy Tieman said that Ray was 'smooth' and everyone including Herb was just glad that Smith was gone because the place was being run like a country club. Ironically though Herb missed the fact that he used to be able to call Smith at his house for info at his convenience which he definitely couldn't do with Ray.

as d&p said good riddance but as Herb said Harris has to shoulder some blame but everyone kinda thought Ray was going to be the savior and it turns out he wasn't. A good lesson learned, now we can focus on some football and yes, i Will still care. Always.

Seeing as ticket sales are down it looks we'll have to endure this season with a lot of empty seats. Hopefully they'll restructure the pricing next year to take into account supply and demand.

You know it's bad when even riderfans.com didn't jump on the story. Just a big 'meh' to them.

Here is the link from the Gazette

[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/Lalonde+ultimate+team+eroding+bottom+line/6609241/story.html]http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/L ... story.html[/url]

I don't know about Paul Harris having to take All the blame. Bob was high on Ray all year saying he was a marketing genius and such. Wetenhall needs to shoulder some blame too.

Seriously: 'Anthony is back. See for yourself'. What? You mean you have to really show it to us? We're that dense?

If season tix are at 14,000 by my calculations we'll be lucky to draw 20-22,000 a game this year. At least it'll take some pressure off the next president. I doubt we'll ever get lower.

The als will be saving 400,000 at least on Ray's contract.

In spite of all this I am actually very optimistic and I am confident the team will do it's best on the field as always.

Reading Harris's comments, there seems to be a faint mea culpa in there with regard to due diligence. One gets the sense that they understand now that they hired Lalonde too quickly, instead of casting a wider net. Hopefully they can build on that understanding going forward.

I opened the Als home page yesterday , there was THREE identical pictures of Anthony and that's after seeing it on the splash screen...

Hindsight is always 20/20. As you said, they can build on that. The good news is all the most expensive seats are sold out.

Its a tough job but when you read everything you see Ray was working on a longer timeline than the ownership was willing to accept. Its the classic.... Yeah do everything you need to do to fix things and when the bills start coming in the tune changes...

As for 130k phone system that is a little on the high side but a new VOIP Switch with 60 handsets and the software to route cell phone connectivity and handle the Als shitty setup with offices scattered and staff working from remote locations in North Caroline also operate a an inside sales staff with high volume of seasonal callsis no less than 75 000 dollars and Harris does not say what the effect was on cellphone bills and such. If the Als bought a used nortel switch in 96 it is likely that it was not by choice that Ray got a phone system.

Anyway if their season ticket sales are down by 6000 and their corporate sponsorship down by 4 million bucks.... There is no quick fix and I doubt anyone who can be successful will want the job.

After reading everything. It was a mistake to let him go. Wethenhaul and his directors should have brought their key people together in a retreat somewhere and worked things out. My prediction is the team will be sold within 3 years.

Probably a blessing for Ray because he won't have to stand around and take the heat. Yeah I agree that a sale appears imminent. Maybe for the best. I think it's time for some new blood at the ownership level.

Considering we were always stuck at 20,202 since 2003 returning to that number won't be so bad and we'll just have to build from there. Remember that in 1998 we averaged 16,000 a game and platinum seats were 340 dollars for the season so we've still come a long way. 2010 was artificial, there were cracks and now they're properly exposed.

Maybe, maybe not. Now that Lalonde is out of the picture, maybe there wiill be some interest from corporations to invest. Maybe there will be some flexibility as there once was. Who knows.
I can tell you one thing. Prior to Lalonde, the people at the ticket office were much more accomodating and friendly when you spoke to them then when Lalonde took over. In fact one person who had been in that office for many years and always bent over backwards left when Lalonde took over.
In business, the first line is always crucial to one's success. With the vast array of entertainment options in Montreal during the summer, they need to have their front line being courteous and accomodating. First impressions are key and word of mouth is the best form of advertising.

The best moment for me was when we were at Ivor Wynne for the fan train game. You could almost read some of these new employees' minds: 'What is this place?' 'Get me out of here'. When you go from Bell Centre to Ivor Wynne, yeah it's scary.

I gotta go see the ticat-argo labor day game just once. Have fun watching the hate. :stuck_out_tongue:

believe you said you were heading to see Beckham (and the rest of thr Galaxy) play the Impact today. 60k at the Big O... that will be some atmosphere. Enjoy.

Heard my first radio ad earlier advertising for tickets to the Als.

Thanks. Assuming Beckham is going to play. :stuck_out_tongue:

In La Presse it was mentioned that when AC broke the all-time passing record Ray made sure the event got as much coverage as possible and that's a fact. We averaged 24,000 a game last year and had more people at the east semi than winnipeg or edmonton had for their playoff games so I wouldn't totally poo-poo on him either. The problem is that 6 months after the last game fan interest is waning and he's not a miracle worker so he had to pay the price. Thanks for a decent 2011 season Ray. (that was the word Randy Tieman used: 'Oh it's decent!')

While "horror" stories-plus ou moins vraies- will continue, it is imperative and urgent that Mr.Wetenhall names an interim President and Chief Executive Officer or interim President and Chief Operating Officer or interim Chief Operating Officer and Paul Harris as interim President This interim nomination should be made from within; to me, only one person/current employee can be nominated for this interim position and it is Mark Weightman.

Marc Weightman holds a Bachelor of commerce degree with major in marketing from Concordia and a Master degree in business administration from l'Université du Québec à Montréal. Very qualified for the position.

Marc Weightman has worked for/with Larry Smith,on two occasions, with Ellis Prince and Ray Lalonde,both for a short period. He has "survived" these three Presidents. He is bilingual and lives in Montréal.

I hope that an annoucement will come next week.


Well anyone willing to take the job will inherit a better situation than Lalonde did. I think Richard’s choice would might be a wise choice. Gives the team time to look for the right guy and see how the interim guy does and they’ll save 200k to 300k in the process.

My understanding is they are using people in house for the interim (this season).

Will that be the case or will in fact Whettenhal hire someone to fill the position asap?

Only Mr. Whettenhal knows the answer to that question.

Looks like a good fit to me. He's bilingual, and he's got both the education and the experience.