Ray Jacobs Suspended Indefinately

For conduct detrimental to the team.
Uh-oh.....I hope this isn't the same problem he had in BC.

Probably is.

i heard he just missed the last practice. at least thats what the paper says

That sucks! While his stats haven't been flashy, he has generated pressure and played the run well. The Gades are playing Johnny Scott in his place. I think Johnny Scott is great, but the dude is a big tackle, not the kind of guy you want playing end against Nealon Greene, of all people - assuming Nealon Green is still the starter. Either way, Crandell is very mobile too.

Anyway, disappointing news about Jacobs. It must be severe because Paopao hinted that he may be gone for the year, which I assume means they would cut him.

Hopefully Jenkins can get us a stud DE from an NFL camp.

Cheatwood would be great, if he gets cut by the Texans.

Sorry if Cheatwood gets cut (which he wont i dont think) he has to go back to Hamilton as they hold his rights. I think Jacobs is definately gone given his past track record. Scott will do just fine and we can always put Ellis at one end and Collier at the other. Vaughn will be back soon and can help out Kralt at linebacker.

Actually I think his CFL career is as good as finished...

Jacobs is back with the team but likely will not play Friday.

Jacobs volunteered to make the 800km trek with a few others to the aboriginal reservation in Northern Quebec to speak to the kids there. This was during the bye week when he could have gone home or done any number of things.