RAY............ injured tonight.

lets hope that it is not serious…he hyper extended his right knee and left the game… :o

Well, injuries are part of football. :smiley:

The thing is, he walked it off. If Damon Allen can return from a broken leg to win a Grey Cup for the Argos, I’m not worried about a hyperextended knee.
And there’s no NFL rust on him, either - Ray looked sharp, even with the mostly rookie receiving corps.

I’m especially not concerned with the depth we have at QB this year - where the hell did that Jason Johnson come from? He looked exactly like Maas tonight!

Who needs Kahari?

(although besides the horrible INT played pretty decent).

JJ is gonna be a great QB, this is his second year i believe, and he can perform, he’ll start 2nd string if Maas is on IR.

Ray is fine though, he’ll be back next week if they dont decide to take it easy with him.

I’m glad I don’t have to pick this team. The receivers really showed up to play too.

  • Gaylor looked like Ed Hervey out there in the 1st half tonight
  • Lewis looks like a promising clutch receiver - especially on that final drive!
  • Tompkins looks like one of the typical electrifying kick returners that the Eskimos seem to find out of nowhere
  • And that 1st quarter catch by Chris Kelley!!! :o

Kelley has great hands, you’ll hear his name alot this season.

37,000 fans in EDMONTON…RIGHT ON …

Sounds like Willie Fells had a good game for the bombers and Michna at qb, did anyone else from the bombers impress esks fans who were at the game, I had to listen on the radio only.

re-match in WPG. should start to shape things up for the BOMBERS and determine who is going to start …one move I couldn’t figure out is why they had Westwood punting instead of Ryan…Troy had a couple of shanks that left the BIGBLUE in terrible field position…if that was just an experiment it failed…give the punting duties back to Ryan…THIS KID CAN HAMMER THEM…potential to be the best kicker in the league. :lol:

oh I forgot to add…by the sounds of it Ray will be alright…he’ll come around from a hyper-extension, if that is what the injury is…he looked like old Ricky up to that point.

I’m a Riders Fan! And personally I don’t like Ricky, don’t get me wrong he’s a great quarterback, i just don’t like the man. It shouldn’t be serious, as he did walk off, and I’m sure that Jason Maas will play good, the eskimos will do fine without him, unless they play the RoughRiders and you have Santino Hall covering, then that’s a different story, good luck with the healing process.

The ESKS, always have a great team.

The Bombers will Hammer the Eskies on Thursday. I also have to add that Ray pulled one over the whole league. He toke a huge payday and has a bum leg. He hurt it in the NFL. He will be a injury prone player for the rest of his career. He’s DONE.

Really, aren’t we the sneaky insider. So tell us where you acquired this information and came to this briliant decuction. He did hyperextend his knee here two years ago, when and where did he hurt it in the NFL?

Hellothere wrote 37,000 fans.

Were there really that many? The TV highlights I saw showd a lot of empty seats. Was it paid attendance? Just curious…

To be quite honest, Montreal announced a sold out, but I’ve seen a lot of empty seats all the game long. I must admit, though, that I had to wait 15 minutes in line to get two of those 4,75$ hot-dogs, so lame consessions service could have accounted for some of those empty seats…

I just want RR ready for the BC game! Bought my tickets already, and I’m ready to see 100+ points scored by both teams!

It is hard to judge EDMONTON because on T.V. the stadium looks so big…but EDMONTON leads the CFL in attendence each year…so I don’t think that they would paper the house. :smiley:

The inside scoop is that Ray wasnt hurt at all on the play, being essentially out of game action for a year, he forgot what a pass rush felt like, and ended up shitting his pants on the play, some of which ran down his leg to around the knee.

According to TSN Ray will be out 10-12 days and is likely to start against Ottawa.

NOW…TSN says that he may NOT be ready…so who do they go with …MOSS or KAR?